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Betway Withdrawal Policy in Nigeria

publication - Apr 15, 2024

changed - Apr 17, 2024

Even if a bettor plays solely for pleasure, sooner or later, the question of withdrawing the winnings arises. Of course, the more convenient and accessible it is to do this, the more users value the platform. 

Brief Overview of Betway in Nigeria

Brief Overview of Betway in Nigeria

Betway is one of the top players in the Nigerian betting market. You can find a complete analysis of the main functions in our Betway company review. Now, we will just briefly outline the main features.

  • The selection of events is pretty good. There is not a huge number of bets on third-rate leagues, but professional tournaments are more or less fully represented.
  • The list includes a good selection of markets. For example, standard bets + combination bets + corners + yellow cards are available in football. But there are no bets on ball possession, offsides, and other statistics.
  • The odds do not stand out from competitors – they are average. For example, in Premier League matches, in bets on the main outcomes, the minimum margin is 4.7%. Not bad, but it can be better.
  • E-sports are presented normally. Betway positions itself as an esports bookmaker, but this seems more like a marketing ploy. The choice of bets and odds for Dota 2 and CS: GO do not differ from most classic bookmakers.

So, it is clear that this betting platform is a great choice for beginners and experienced users due to its reliability and ease of use.

Withdrawal Conditions

Betway Withdrawal Conditions

Each bookmaker sets certain restrictions on withdrawals. It is an important measure to ensure user safety and comply with legal requirements. Therefore, we recommend that you understand these requirements and comply with them.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Unfortunately, there is no publicly available information about the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount on the official website. However, according to reviews from registered bettors, the minimum threshold is ₦100 EFT and ₦50 for Opay and Paga. Only after accumulating this amount will you be able to withdraw money.

Remember that withdrawing money immediately after a deposit is prohibited. Even if the amount in your account exceeds the minimum allowable, you cannot withdraw it before placing your bets.

Maximum Withdrawal Amount

Users can withdraw up to ₦10,000,000 via EFT and up to ₦50,000,000 via Paga and Opay. You can see the limits in the payment section of your account, so you should clarify this information immediately before creating a withdrawal request.

Maximum Withdrawal Amount per Day

Unfortunately, we were unable to find reliable information about this limitation.

Withdrawal Methods

Betway Withdrawal Methods

Currently, you can withdraw funds in three ways. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.


EFT is a catch-all term that includes various electronic payments, such as credit card payments, ACH payments, and bank transfers. EFT makes it easy to digitally transfer any amount of money from one bank account to another, regardless of whether the accounts are housed at the same financial institution or not.


It is a convenient online banking solution that allows you to manage accounts and transfer money directly from your smartphone. Many Nigerian users choose this system for everyday payments and prefer to withdraw money from the betting platform using this method.


Paga is a mobile payment platform that allows users to transfer money electronically and pay through mobile devices. Paga acts as a mobile wallet where any user equipped with a mobile device can make transactions using their device.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Betway Withdrawal

Withdrawing your earnings is quite simple. Follow these instructions, and very soon, you will be able to receive your winnings and spend them as you wish.

  • Step 1

    Log into the mobile application and open your account.

  • Step 2

    Tap the “Withdraw Funds” tab and select one of the options presented.

  • Step 3

    Indicate the withdrawal amount and the requested information about your payment system, for example, e-wallet number.

  • Step 4

    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction and receive your money.

Betway Withdrawal Commissions

Betway Withdrawal Commissions

The bookmaker does not charge a fee for withdrawing funds, but there may be a commission from your payment system. Check this information before choosing the appropriate method.

Is There a Cash Out at Betway?

Cash-out is a convenient feature that allows you to close your bet early. This option will be beneficial for live betting, but it can also be used profitably for pre-match. This way, you can save at least part of the funds if the situation worsens. Bookmaker Betway also offers this feature, and you can read its detailed description in the article about Betway cash out.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Funds From Betway?

The processing time for a withdrawal request depends on the selected method. For example, EFT payments take 1-2 business days, while Paga and Opey provide instant transfers.

How to Check Withdrawal Status on Betway

You can view the status of your payment in your account. There, you will also find the history of balance replenishments and withdrawals.

Betway Withdrawal Problems

Betway Withdrawal Problems

In most cases, withdrawals proceed without problems, but sometimes bettors still encounter difficulties. Let’s look at the possible causes of difficulties and ways to eliminate them.

Problems Caused by the Bettor

Problems with withdrawal may arise on the bettor’s side. For example, a slow internet connection prevents you from applying for money. Also, the impossibility of withdrawal may be caused by the amount not meeting the established limits.

Technical Problems

Sometimes, difficulties are caused by technical problems on the side of the bookmaker or payment systems. For example, when the load is high, making payments is difficult. The best solution in this situation would be to wait a little and repeat the withdrawal after some time.

Why Can’t I Withdraw Money From Betway?

There can be many answers to this question. For example, exclude the reasons described in the previous paragraphs. You can also clarify the situation with the support service. Experienced staff will explain what you need to do to receive money.

Where to Complain About Betway?

Before you complain, try to clarify the situation. For example, contact support and get advice. Most often, the situation is easily resolved.

How to Request a Pending Withdrawal From Betway

If your application is being processed, no action must be taken. All you have to do is wait. Contact support if you want to cancel your withdrawal or are concerned that processing takes too long.


Betway Conclusion

Now you know everything about withdrawing funds from the Betway platform. Pay attention to details, follow the rules, and there will be no problems. In addition, you always have the opportunity to check the payment status or ask for help from the bookmaker’s support.


Which withdrawal is faster on Betway?

The fastest withdrawal methods are Paga and Opey.

What is the most money made on Betway?

The biggest win on Betway is €17.8 million. It belongs to the Norway bettor.

What is the largest single bet payout?

The maximum payout for a single bet is ₦2,000,000.

How do I fix my withdrawal problem on Betway?

Contact support to find out the cause of the problem and how to resolve it.

What is the daily withdrawal limit for Betway?

There is no information about this limit on the official website.
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