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How Does Combo Bet Works in Nigeria?

publication - Oct 19, 2023

changed - Jun 07, 2024

The online sports betting industry continues to evolve. More bookmakers, more options, and new types of wagers appear. It is all part of the process. Combination bets aren’t exactly new, but they can’t be called a definitive solution that everybody is familiar with, either. This is especially true for newbie punters, who can easily get confused by some terms and bet types.

This article aims to provide general information on combination bets. We will cover how they differ from other accumulator bets, their meaning and importance, subtypes, advantages, and disadvantages. We will provide tips on placing them and list the bookmakers that support such an option.

The Importance of Combination Bets in Wagering

The Importance of Combination Bets in Wagering

Combination bets offer less risk than other multiple bets but are still more thrilling than single ones. Having more options is usually better than encountering any limitations. Overall, such online wagers are great additional features that can keep things fresh for experienced punters.

What’s a Combo Bet?

The meaning is simple: a combination wager is a type of multibet that allows you to see the returns even if some of your corrections are lost. The main thing that makes them stand out among other solutions, such as accumulators. They also allow you to mix various types of wagers into one, but the way bookmakers handle them can differ significantly from one to another. You can place them on any sport, but in some smaller sportsbooks, it can be challenging to find enough events unless you’re betting on football.

There’s also another term called a full-cover bet. Its meaning is also simple: this is a combination bet that includes all types of multiple wagers for selection.

How It Works

It’s simple: You place several wagers and combine them into one. They can consist of single ones, doubles, triples, accumulators, etc. The platforms might present different rules on how the wager would work. For example, in a classical 3/5 solution, only three wagers have to win, while the other five can lose, and you can still see the returns in many cases. We will review the main kinds of combo bets in the next paragraph.

Different Types of Combination Bets

There’s a particular variety of combo bets since this is a somewhat flexible option that can be customized in different ways. Let’s check what kinds of combination wagers exist.

  • Trixie. One of the simplest and most popular kinds of bets. You just place four multiple wagers: three doubles and one treble (a multiple bet on three games). Any of them have to win in order for you to see the returns. Your stake is multiplied by four times the original one.
  • Patent. Three singles, three doubles, and one treble. At least one selection has to end up winning.
  • Yankee. This one is significantly bigger since it includes many lines, but it’s still simple to understand. You place six doubles, four trebles, and an accumulator bet with four selections. In total, there are eleven events. At least two have to end up winning, with at least one double.
  • Super Yankee. Also occasionally called Canadian, this type of wager is an oversized version of the Yankee. It consists of ten doubles, ten trebles, five fourfolds, and another five-fold accumulator. At least two of the selections have to win if you want to see the returns. 

This is not the complete list, but it covers the most popular combination wagers with nicknames. Much larger ones exist, such as Goliath, which includes over 250 selections. All of the listed ones can be considered full-cover bets on some platforms if they include all of the available types of multiple bets offered by a bookmaker.

Pros and Cons of Combination Bets

Pros and Cons of Combination Bets

Each type of wager has its advantages and disadvantages, and the combo ones aren’t an exception. Since they are relatively complex, Let’s get a quick rundown on their pros and cons.

How to Place Combination Bets

How to Place Combination Bets

While there are many caveats to consider before placing such a wager, the procedure is as straightforward as possible. If you have got experience wagering with multiples, you won’t have any issues with combo ones, provided you’ve done a bit of research. Below are the tips for every step of the process.

Find the Platform for Betting

We will cover the bookmakers supporting combination wagers in one of the blocks below. Select one you like, provided your platform doesn’t have such an option. If it offers combo bets, things are even more accessible.

Read the Rules

As we’ve mentioned several times in this article, how bookmakers operate with combo bets can differ. Get familiar with the T&C of your preferred sportsbook; see which options you have and how the winnings will be calculated. 

Select the Type of a Combo Bet

After learning about your options on the website. You can start selecting the type of combo bet that you’re interested in. Once you figure it out, learn about your other options. 

Start Placing Bets on the Events

Now. It’s time to start the betting process itself. Select the events you’re interested in that have good odds and place them. Find the “Combo Bet” option on your bookmaker’s website. Alternatively, it can be called the “System.” 

Use the Calculator

If the platform provides one, try to use it to determine your potential winnings and losses.

Combination Betting Tips

Combination Betting Tips

There are many ways to improve your chances of winning a combination stake. The paragraphs below will provide some of the recommendations that can reduce your risks and teach you how to pick better events for such wagers.

How to Reduce the Risks When Placing a Combo Bet

Combination bets are less risky than regular accumulators by design. But there are still many things to keep in mind. For example, it’s better to research the way combo stakes work before starting to place them. Here are some of the recommendations.

  • Take a look at how much profit your selections might provide in order to generate maximum profit on the chance of a partial loss. Use the calculator if the platform offers one. If it doesn’t, you can search for it on other resources, provided you can customize the options.
  • Don’t stake more than you can afford to lose. Small stake amounts are better for inexperienced players.

How to Select Events for Combination Bets

Usually, bookmakers don’t put strict limits on what bets can be added into combination, system, or accumulator wagers. But there are tips to consider:

  1. Learn about the sports offered on the platform and find bets with good odds. 
  2. Make sure that the event is eligible to be a part of multiple and combo bets since some are not.
  3. At some platforms, the rules might differ for each type of combo bet, so get to know them.

Bookmakers that Offer to Place Combination Bets

Bookmakers that Offer to Place Combination Bets

Combo bets aren’t offered at every platform and are a relatively rare kind of wagers. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a list of bookmakers that provide such an option in one way or another since the availability of options and subtypes might differ significantly, and so can the definition.

BookmakerInformation of combination bets
BetwayOne of the most popular wagering websites in the world, it unsurprisingly offers a versatility of options, including combo wagers.
Bet9jaThis Nigeria-based website is pretty good at offering a variety of possible combination wagers and versatility in their customization.
1xBetOn this platform, they are called system stakes. You can use them to combine several parlays; this is how the platform calls multiple stakes with selections in the range between three and eight.
BetKingA combination bet on BetKing works a bit differently. It doesn’t allow you to combine multibets, so popular options such as Trixie or Yankee aren’t offered. Instead, it works similarly to simple system bets, allowing you to place several selections consisting of a single bet each.


Our article covered everything one has to know about combination wagers to get started. While this isn’t the most detailed guide, it can be very helpful for beginners and those new to this type of wagers, even if they have some experience with other stake formats.

You can use our article to get the list of the bookmakers that provide such an option and to find out how it works and what kinds of combo wagers exist out there. We hope that the information was helpful and you enjoyed the read.


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