How to Withdraw From SportyBet?

How to Withdraw From SportyBet?


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Betting platforms can offer many important features. Some are more crucial than others, but there’s one thing: it won’t matter to a user how many functions, bells, and whistles a bookmaker can provide if one cannot simply withdraw the funds. The reason is that, speaking frankly, almost every bettor starts playing the games with the idea of receiving the winnings. Sure, there’s fun and adrenaline, but money is often the most important thing.

In our article, we plan to cover how one can withdraw money from SportyBet Nigeria. This betting platform operates in many countries, but we only cover this market. We will take a look at existing methods, provide tutorials, and explain the limits. Moreover, our article will answer the most common questions.

SportyBet Nigeria

SportyBet Nigeria

SportyBet is a universal solution that aims to meet the needs of as many bettors as possible. The platform offers nearly everything possible, from many sports to wagers to virtuals and casino games. Everything is neat, and you can easily access all of the platform’s functions on the website or mobile apps. Both look pretty good, albeit a little bit dated.

If you want to discover more, you can check out a dedicated SportyBet platform in Nigeria review. The article will provide all of the needed information about the platform’s main features and abilities and briefly cover additional functions.

Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

SportyBet Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

If you want to receive your winnings, you must meet certain conditions to withdraw the funds. They usually differ from platform to platform, with some being quite tricky, while others make the procedure incredibly accessible, even to those who operate with small amounts of money. Let’s find out more about the SportyBet withdrawal rules and policy.

Minimum Withdrawal

The betting platforms often enforce the lowest bar for users to meet if they want to withdraw the funds. They usually do so to prevent any further abuse of the system, especially if many players try to withdraw even the smallest amounts. In the case of SportyBet, the minimum amount you can withdraw is 1 NGN. It is a pretty small number, so the vast majority of punters can get their winnings with ease.

Maximum Withdrawal

There’s also usually a maximum amount. On most platforms, it’s big enough to cover the needs of the vast majority of players, excluding high-level professionals and wealthy punters. So what’s the case with SportyBet? The answer is 9,999,999 NGN, which is relatively high.

The Maximum Daily Withdrawal Amount

Some betting platforms also limit the amount one can withdraw daily or the number of times one can do so. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for SportyBet: you can withdraw as many as you want, provided you don’t exceed the upper limit in one transaction.

Withdrawal Methods

SportyBet Withdrawal Methods

We already covered some of the withdrawal conditions and provided the primary information about the platform. Now, it’s time to move on to the exact methods one can use to receive money from the platform. The following few sections will cover them in more detail.

Bank Cards

Transferring the funds into your Visa or MasterCard is a popular withdrawal option many betting platforms offer. It’s simple and convenient, but SportyBet doesn’t provide such an option, focusing on direct bank transfers instead.


The Internet is full of e-wallets and simple payment systems, allowing you to receive and spend money online easily. And, yet again, SportBet Nigeria doesn’t offer such services for withdrawing funds.

Payment Systems

SportyBet doesn’t allow you to use any specific online payment systems to receive your money. It is a bit surprising, so we hope the bookmaker will start supporting them.

Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfers are convenient and often supported by many betting platforms. SportyBet isn’t an exception. In fact, it’s the only withdrawal method available on the platform.

The service supports a long list of banks, and the withdrawal process is pretty straightforward.


As the years go by, more and more wagering platforms add cryptocurrencies to their lists of supported payment methods. It doesn’t come as a surprise at all: crypto is safe, fast, and more or less borderless. And it’s sad to say that SportyBet doesn’t support cryptocurrencies for withdrawal purposes.


SportyBet doesn’t allow its customers to withdraw money in cash. This doesn’t come as a surprise at all since this method is rarely supported anyway.

Withdrawal via Mobile App

SportyBet offers apps for iOS and Android users. Moreover, there’s a mobile version of the website. So, how exactly would one withdraw funds from one of those websites? Let’s check the steps out.

  1. Run the app.
  2. Log in if you’re not signed in.
  3. Tap the “My Account” button.
  4. Go to withdrawals.
  5. Select the bank transfer method.
  6. Enter your financial information.
  7. Confirm the transaction.
  8. All done. Now, wait for it to be completed.

Withdrawing From the Lite Version

If you want to use a lightweight website version, even though it looks quite dated, you can try the Lite one. Here’s how it works:

  1. Start the Lite version.
  2. Log in.
  3. Find the “Withdraw” button and proceed with the steps.
  4. All done.

How to Withdraw Money From SportyBet

Now it’s time to take a look at the regular steps you have to go through to withdraw funds from the SportyBet website. Let’s start.

  1. Visit the website from a PC or mobile device.
  2. Log in.
  3. Hit the profile button and go to “Withdraw,”
  4. On the new page, find out the bank account withdrawal method.
  5. Enter the required info.
  6. Confirm the process.
  7. All done.

Withdrawal Fees

SportyBet Withdrawal Fees

Many betting websites usually put some deposit and withdrawal fees in place. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with SportyBet. The platform allows you to withdraw as much money as you want without adding any charges in the process.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take on SportyBet?

The only supported method on the platform is direct bank transfers. It’s not slow by any means, but far from instant. We’d expect to wait at least a day. Thankfully, you can easily check your transaction status, and we will explain how in the next section.

How to Check the Withdrawal Status on SportyBet

You can easily take a look at the status of your transaction. Below are the steps to take:

  1. Go to SportyBet.
  2. Sign in if you’re not.
  3. Hit “My Account.”
  4. Then, proceed to press the “Transactions” button.
  5. You will see the list of all your current and past transactions.
  6. If you want to know more about them, you can always press the “Details” button.

SportyBet Withdrawal Issues

Things usually go smoothly with SportyBet withdrawals. But the issues, even rare, can still happen. There’s no way to avoid it if you have many customers and offer plenty of payment methods. The reason for that is apparent: too many parties are involved in the process. They include the betting platform, payment system, and bettors. And even if the player does everything right, while the bookmaker’s technical side of things works perfectly, problems can still emerge on the payment system’s side.

Issues Caused by a Bettor

A bettor is one party involved in the process. And, of course, user-related issues sometimes happen. Here are some of them.

  • Incorrect financial information. If you enter the wrong bank name or account number, then the platform won’t be able to make your withdrawal. Make sure you enter it correctly next time.
  • You haven’t gone through a verification process. The platform has a full right to ask you to validate your identity. This is usually done by sending documents or photos.

Technical Issues

Sometimes, the issues might be of a technical nature, mainly caused by the betting platform, payment operator, or bank. Let’s check how some of them work.

  • A transaction doesn’t come through. There might be different reasons for that, ranging from the problems related to a betting platform to a bank you’re withdrawing your money into. We recommend contacting the platform’s customer care service if you want to know where the problem appeared.
  • A transaction takes too long. While direct bank transfer isn’t the fastest payment method, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of days, even in the worst-case scenario. If it seems to be taking too long, it’s time to contact customer care service.

Why Can’t I Withdraw Money From SportyBet?

There might be different reasons why you can’t withdraw money from the platform. First things first, you should check that your sum is within existing withdrawal limits. It’s highly unlikely to be out of them since the range is incredibly high. There might be technical issues related to a banking service or a bookmaker as well.

Where Can I Complain?

If you experience any issues with the platform’s withdrawal process, you can contact the service’s customer care service. You can direct your complaints there, and find out about the causes of your problems. Or just ask simple questions.

Here are ways to do so:

  • sportybetng
  • SportyBetNG

How to Check for a Pending Withdrawal Request

You can take a look at whether your transaction is pending or not. Earlier in this article, we also covered the steps in the “How to Check the Withdrawal Status on SportyBet” section. Speaking shortly, the steps involve visiting the “Transactions” tab in the main account menu and checking the status. You can also take a look at your balance over there.

Does SportyBet Have Cash out?

Yes, the platform fully supports the cashout feature. It allows you to receive the funds before an event ends, granting you some control over betting and providing certain risk-reducing means.


SportyBet Conclusion

It’s impossible to overestimate how important it is to have the ability to withdraw your money quickly with no issues by using your favorite payment system. The chance of receiving the sum you win at any betting platform is the reason why many people start wagering. And it’s certainly in a bookmaker’s interest to make such a process as straightforward and painless as possible.

SportyBet Nigeria doesn’t offer many ways to withdraw your funds. The only one you can use is a direct bank transfer. Thankfully, it supports many banks. Moreover, the process is as straightforward as possible, and it’s also effortless to check the status of your transaction. You can do so from your PC or mobile device via an app or smartphone-optimized website.


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