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Best Telegram Bet Channels in Nigeria

publication - Jul 15, 2022

changed - Feb 24, 2024

In recent years sports betting Telegram channels have become a popular source of tips across the world. This statement also holds true for Nigeria, where many punters are receiving their latest betting tips from said platforms, groups, and sometimes bots. We have been interested in this phenomenon for some time and have decided to not only research whether these Telegram channels are worth trusting but also to make a definitive list of the best sports betting Telegram channels with tips you can currently join, ranking them by a number of criteria, such as the cost of joining them, their clarity, and overall value you will get from them so that you may know which ones are worth joining. All of that and more in this article.

Best Telegram Channels for Betting Tips

Best Telegram Channels for Betting Tips

Although many active channels claim to provide tips and sometimes even information about fixed matches, most are fraudulent. This is precisely why we have devised this list of trustworthy channels that have proven to be correct at least 80% of the time. Let us look at the said list and talk about each entry in detail.


The first entry on our list is Betfair. A relatively established platform with more than 300 thousand subscribers, 80% accuracy on predictions, and a reasonable entry fee. By joining Betfair, you will gain access to superb sports betting forecasts and a sea of opportunities to receive as much profit from betting as possible. The value is simply astonishing.

Sure Bets

Next up is Sure Bets, an all-new sports betting channel that not only provides its customers with tips with an accuracy rate of 82% but also has a month-long free trial period during which you can decide whether it is worth it or not.

Jain Reports

The UK-based platform, Jain Reports, is an excellent provider of tips. Their accuracy rate is close to 90%. However, there are some problems. The services are hiding behind a massive paywall which lowers the overall value you may get.


This platform which was founded in 2021, has since become a source of incredible tips and what is most important, it is absolutely free. The only drawbacks of it are a constant and quite frankly annoying advertisement and a somewhat sparse release of new tips. Two things that our top pick does not have.

Betwizards Maxbet

Finally, our top pick is Betwizards Maxbet, a channel with over 90.000 concurrent subscribers, which is not that high compared to other ones on the list. This exclusivity, paired with the excellent accuracy rate of 92% and a variety of subscription options, including the free one that makes the channel accessible for less wealthy punters, makes Betwizards the best Telegram sports betting channel, in our opinion.

How to Join Free Bet Tips Telegram Channels

How to Join Free Bet Tips Telegram Channels

By joining one of the platforms we have selected, you will gain access to a world of tips never before seen. This will ultimately result in an exponential rise in profits.

Joining one of the channels listed above is actually incredibly easy. All you have to do is.

  • Open Telegram

    Open the Telegram app on your device.

  • Find the Channel

    Type the channel name into the search box.

  • Join It

    Enter the channel and press join.

Optionally, you might also be asked to pay a subscription fee if you are joining a channel hidden behind a paywall.

Bonus: Best Football Sports Betting Tips Telegram channels

Bonus: Best Football Sports Betting Tips Telegram channels

In addition to our list of the overall best sports betting tips channels in Telegram, we would like to present to you our top three picks for best football tips channels as well. They are all free to join and provide an excellent outlet for everyone looking to increase their profits from football betting. So, without further ado, here are the three best football sports betting tips on Telegram platforms:

  • Toss Match Prediction

Note that all three of them do not only specialize in football. It’s just that their football predictions are more accurate than those for other sports.

The Difference Between Telegram Channels, Groups, and Bots

The Difference Between Telegram Channels, Groups, and Bots

Although quite similar, there are certain differences between channels, groups, and bots. To learn more about them, we should describe each one separately.


Telegram channels are the platforms in which only the administration is able to make posts, and the overall communication between members is restricted. It is for the best, however, since the people behind the platform can provide the users with only the freshest and most reliable information.


They are open chat rooms where people can communicate freely. This produces adverse effects such as unreliability and an exhaustingly large flood of messages. We recommend you take any advice taken from such groups with a grain of salt and not believe every rumor circulating within them.


Telegram bots are scripted and provide users with automated messages. Sadly, they are scams more often than not, and that is why we condemn their use.

Rating Criteria

Rating Criteria

When making our list, we have used a number of criteria on which to determine which channel is truly the best. A lot of different factors and aspects of each individual platform have been carefully reviewed and then taken into consideration when we made our selection. You can take a look at them below to better understand our line of thought.

Accuracy Rate

The first and one of the most important criteria is the accuracy of given predictions. If the platform provides data that is incorrect more often than not or even has a prediction accuracy rate of 70% and lower, we simply cannot recommend it since it will be simply too unreliable.

Subscription Cost

Another important thing is the cost of a subscription (if there is any). Generally, if you are getting more value for less money, it is great. But even if the accuracy is less, but the fees are less as well, then the channel might be worth your time.

Customer Support

It is incredibly valuable for any platform to have a dedicated customer care service, and sports betting platforms are not an exception. This is precisely why we have taken the existence and the quality of work of the service into consideration when making a list.


Progress reports, admitting to mistakes, and general communication with the audience have all contributed to this criterion. After all, how can you trust someone who is not clear and honest with their customers?

Overall Value

Last but certainly not least, we have the overall value. A metric that tells precisely how profitable or not a specific channel can be. To calculate the value, we have compared the cost of a subscription with the accuracy of predictions.

How to Choose the Best Tips Telegram Channel for You?

How to Choose the Best Tips Telegram Channel for You?

Choosing the best channel for you might be a tricky thing. Some may say Telegram channels with free bet tips are the best. However, we think that they are primarily fraudulent and do not deserve attention. As a rule of thumb, try sticking to our selection. We have checked these channels and can safely say they are worth both your money as well as your time.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion

We hope that after reading this article, you have learned something new about sports betting Telegram channels and maybe will even consider joining one. They are genuinely a great way to get the latest tips and are worth their price more often than not.


Are Tips Telegram Channels Legal?

They absolutely are!

Are Tips Telegram Channels Free?

Some of them are, but they are usually not good.

Which is the best Telegram channel for football?

It’s Toss Match Prediction, in our opinion.

How can I find Telegram channels dedicated to sports betting?

You simply type the name of it into the Telegram search box.

Are Telegram groups and channels safe?

There are some risks present, but they are generally safe.
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