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1xBet Affiliate Program Review

publication - Dec 11, 2023

changed - Apr 09, 2024

Imagine running a betting platform and finding ways to attract new customers. There are many options, but what are the most obvious? You will likely start by adding simple yet popular features like cashouts or more live betting options. Promo codes and bonuses are another way to go, and a highly effective one at that.

You can improve that option further by registering your partners, usually called affiliates, and letting them share your promotional codes, receiving a percentage of new players’ wins as payments. And in the end, everybody’s happy.

In this article, we will cover how the referral program works on 1xBet Nigeria, a popular betting and gambling platform that’s known by nearly everyone interested in the activity. We will provide the main information, list the reasons to join, and explain how exactly one can do it. Let’s start.

1xBet Nigeria: An Overview

1xBet Nigeria: An Overview

1xBet is a betting and gambling platform that has been operating on the market for almost two decades. The platform works worldwide, and the list of countries is quite long. It also includes Nigeria.

The platform offers plenty of sports to bet on, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding punters. The number of existing wagering options won’t disappoint the players: moneylines, over/unders, correct score, draw no bet, and many others will make the betting process much more interesting.

And, of course, there are plenty of casino options to test your luck with. The list includes complex games, card and table ones, and simple, straightforward slots.

If you want to learn more about the platform and its features, check out our article dedicated to 1xBet in Nigeria. This review will cover all the main things the platform can offer for the country’s residents in greater detail.

What’s the 1xBet Affiliate Program?

1xPartners is a program that allows users to become middlemen between the betting platform and new players. They get money this way by receiving a percentage of the users’ winnings they attracted to a bookmaker. And how exactly can they attract them? By using promotional materials and various techniques. 1xPartners offers these materials in many different languages and features dedicated support channels for affiliates.

Main Information About 1xBet and Its Popularity in Nigeria

1xBet didn’t become operational in Nigeria right from its start in 2006, but it got its local license in 2022 and continued to get more popular in the country since then. The platform is now completely legal in the country, and the residents can enjoy a wide range of betting features, from a long list of sports and casino options to versatile payment methods and additional functions such as the cashout feature and live streaming.

Partnership Programs and What They Can Offer

Affiliate programs usually work in a relatively straightforward way. A partner joins it and receives promotional materials and some support. They can now use the Internet to promote the betting platform. They can use their website or social media for such purposes. 

Finally, if a new customer joins using their link, an affiliate will receive a percentage of their winnings on the platform. The program also benefits new players; they receive additional bonuses and functions.

The program for 1xBet partners operates in the same manner. You will get everything you need; just be ready to promote the betting platform.

The Reasons to Join 1xBet Partnership Program

The Reasons to Join 1xBet Partnership Program

And now, let’s check out the reasons to join the partnership program. There actually plenty.

  • Good fees.
  • Timely payments.
  • Availability of promotional materials in different languages.
  • The support for over a hundred payment methods.
  • Easy to join.
  • Works in many countries.

The Review of Commissions and Benefits that the 1xBet Partners Can Receive

Let’s take a closer look and explain in more detail what exactly the 1xBet Partners program offers. First things first. The fees are outstanding: 25% as the starting point is pretty great for most affiliates.

How to Register on 1xPartners

How to Register on 1xPartners

Now, it’s time to get to the exact steps one must go through to join the partnership program. Thankfully, there aren’t many stages to go through, and the process won’t take much longer than a few minutes. In the following sections, we will describe it in detail.

How to Register at the Program

There’s nothing difficult about joining the program. Let’s go through the required steps:

  • Click the button from this article

    You will see a partnership program website, click on the “Become an Affiliate” button.

  • Enter the needed information

    Start by entering your username and type in your email. Optionally, enter other means of contacting you. Select your country and confirm your number. Don’t forget to choose the preferred language.

  • Finish the process

    Click next, and enter financial information. Come up with a long and complex password and agree to the T&C. Tap “Complete” and finish the process.


And now you can enjoy all of the pers of the 1xPartners program. You can gain revenue, place ready-to-use promotional materials, receive individual support, and withdraw your earnings by using any payment method you like.

The Requirements for Joining

The requirements are quite lax, so nearly anyone can become an affiliate. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need to have your own website, and joining the program is completely free. You only have to be from a place where the program works. There are 62 supported countries, and Nigeria is included.

1xBet Agent

1xBet Agent

And now, let’s take a look at the agents. They’re quite important for offline things related to betting to make bookmakers function properly inside and outside of the online world. Let’s check out what they can offer.

What Does Being a 1xBet Agent Mean, and What Do They Do?

The agents help bettors process deposits and withdrawals, and they earn a commission by providing the means to do so. They do it by opening mobile cash points and making betting much more accessible.

How to Register as a 1xBet Agent

If you want to become a 1xBet partner, then the process of joining the program is quite simple and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Find a program.
  2. Select an option to join as an agent.
  3. Enter your contact information and make an agent account.
  4. Be ready to go through the verification process.
  5. Download and install the special app.
  6. Start looking for a client.
  7. When all is done, you can now receive your 1xBet agent commission.

Promotional Materials and Resources

1xbet Promotional Materials and Resources

Obviously, one would need certain promotional tools and materials to attract new customers and make them interested in a betting platform. Thankfully, the 1xPartners offer such resources. Let’s take a look at them.

What Promotional Materials Are Available for Partners and Agents?

The materials mainly consist of information and readily available banners. They’re offered in many languages, covering the partnership program’s entire geography, including 62 countries. 

The Tips for Marketing and Promotion

And for now, let’s take a look at the tips one can use for marketing 1xBet on their resources or social media:

  • Consider your target audience. If your website focuses on something not related to sports, betting, and gambling, the chances are that not many people will visit the affiliate link. Of course, there are exceptions and different ways to attract your audience, even if you’re not running a sports blog, but this will require creative thinking. Identifying your target audience is a great first step for all marketing-related things.
  • Focus on bonuses and promotions. Those are the main ways to attract new customers to betting platforms. Specify what exactly visiting your affiliate link or using your promo code can offer to a user and make sure that the audience understands it.
  • Don’t forget to mention the strong sides of 1xBet. You’re not selling a brand – you’re trying to consider the needs of an average bettor, and those will definitely enjoy various wagering features, a wide selection of sports, and several payment methods.

Main Recommendations for Those Interested

While being an affiliate and an agent isn’t difficult, there are some things to consider. Let’s check them all out.

  • It’s better to have your own website. While many partnership programs allow you to promote it with social media, having your own resource will make things much easier. But don’t worry; working with social networks will often suffice.
  • Don’t copy the layout of 1xBet websites. We already mentioned this, but it’s important: your resource shouldn’t imitate any brand websites.
  • Make sure that you attract clients who are willing to pay. Simply joining the platform by following your link won’t be enough to lend you any money.
  • Make sure you have enough spare time for this activity.


1xbet Conclusion

Betting platforms have to survive fierce competition in 2023, so even established and famous market leaders, such as 1xBet, must continue getting more customers and constantly improve their services. Offering a partnership program is a great way to do so. Ultimately, all parties are happy: the platform gets new users, the users get nice bonuses, and the affiliates receive a percentage of winnings.

In our article, we provided all of the potentially useful things one might want to know about the 1xBet Nigeria affiliate program. We covered the most important aspects and even included information about 1xBet agent registration.

How do I withdraw money from a 1xBet affiliate program account?

Once you reach a certain sum, you can withdraw the funds you received as an affiliate. The sum is $30, and you can’t withdraw less than that.

How can I advertise for 1xBet?

You will receive all of the needed promotional materials. You can use them for various purposes. For example, place them on your own website or use social networks. These materials have to attract new customers.

How to earn affiliate money?

For this, you have to attract new customers by using marketing methods. You will receive a percentage of the money the new users win.

How much is 1xBet commission?

This depends, but the default sum usually starts at 25% of customer winnings. It’s possible to receive up to 40% of them.

Are affiliate links paid?

No, the links aren’t paid. An affiliate only gets money after attracting a new customer to the platform. So far, no affiliate marketing program pays for the links; this isn’t how they usually work.
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