Privacy policy

The information that BetGuide gathers about The User while they browse betguide.ng (and any of its subdomains), use its services, or use any of its programs or products is covered by the privacy policy for personal data that is stated below (referred to as “The Privacy Policy”).

1. Objectives of User Personal Data Collection

The following are some instances of how the Administration might use the User’s personal details:

  • Defining the User who has registered on the BetGuide platform in order to obtain his consent and carry out additional actions.
  • Enabling access for users to customized data on the website betguide.ng.
  • Establishing communication with the User, including providing warnings and notifications, requesting help with utilizing the BetGuide site, and managing other requests and suggestions from the User.
  • Determining the User’s precise position in order to prevent fraud and assure security.
  • Validation and approval of the accuracy of the user’s personal data provided on the website.
  • Establishing an account for the User that he may utilize to access specific services on the BetGuide platform.
  • Using email to send specific alerts to the User.
  • In the event that complications or difficulties with the BetGuide site emerge, providing the User with appropriate technology guidance and help.
  • Presenting to the User, with his agreement, exclusive deals, newsletters, and other content on the BetGuide website.

2. Privacy Policy Subject

Customers are prompted to enter their personal information while joining the BetGuide site or subscribing to an email newsletter at the Administration’s request. The Administration’s obligations with regard to the confidentiality of personal data and the non-disclosure of personal information are specified in this privacy statement.

By filling out any forms on the BetGuide website, customers may submit personal information that will be further handled in compliance with this privacy statement. These specifics could include:

  • Last name, first name, or patronymic of the client;
  • The client’s telephone number;
  • The client’s email address;
  • Residence of the client (if deemed necessary);
  • Image or photograph of the User (if considered necessary).

When a visitor accesses a section of the BetGuide platform, the website safeguards their personal IP address, cookie information, access time, browser history, referrer, and other automatically transmitted data (or any previous pages).

The client might not be capable of accessing any of the website’s parts that call for specific authorization if cookies are disabled.

The website collects data concerning the IP addresses of its users as it is crucial to do so in order to locate, neutralize, and fix any potential technical issues.

3. Definition of Terms

The following terms are used in the Privacy Policy:

“Site Administration” (referred to as “The Administration”) – personnel who are qualified to handle any personal data and administer the BetGuide website. In addition, they are able to select the goals of the operations (activities) that involve personal information that are carried out.

“Personal Data” – is employed to portray any information relating to, or directly or indirectly identifying, a specific or recognized individual (subject of personal data).

“Processing of Personal Data” – activities involving the use of personal data, irrespective of whether it incorporates automated technology, including gathering, systematizing, accumulating, storing, clarifying, extracting, utilizing, and transferring data.

“Confidentiality of Personal Data” – a commitment on the part of the personnel or of anyone having access to the data not to disclose it without the subject’s consent or unless otherwise required by law.

“BetGuide” – a bundle of connected websites accessible through the betguide.ng domain and its subdomains.

“Subdomains” – a series of third-level domain-based pages for BetGuide, together with supplementary pages and the administration’s contact information at the foot of each page.

“User of the BetGuide website” (referred to as “the User”) – a consumer who can access the information, products, and services provided by the BetGuide website via the Internet.

“Cookies” – a data item that, after being acquired and saved by the web server, is sent by the user’s computer or other device to the web server every moment they visit a page from an affiliated site via an HTTP request.

“IP address” – a special network address assigned to a computer network node, which the user uses to connect to the website.

4. Methods and Terms of Processing Personal Information

The utilization of personal data information systems, regardless of whether they involve automation technologies, is part of the treatment of the User’s personal data, which is lawful, and involves no time restrictions.

The User’s personal details may only be revealed to authorized organizations and governmental entities for valid reasons.

The Administration may decide not to alert the User if confidential information has been compromised or leaked.

The Administration implements the required administrative and technical security measures to guard against unauthorized or unintentional access, loss, alteration, disclosure, blocking, copying, dissemination, and other illegal acts.

The Administration makes every effort, in collaboration with the User, to reduce the negative effects brought on by the loss or leaking of the User’s personal data.

5. Responsibility of the Parties

With the exception of certain circumstances, the Administration is legally liable for any losses incurred by the User as a consequence of the unauthorized use of personal data.

The Administration disclaims all responsibility for any loss or disclosure of Confidential Information.

It was released to the general public before it was lost.

Had been acquired from a third party and had been delivered to The Administration.

Was divulged to the general public with the User’s consent.

All legal obligations, including but not limited to laws on advertising, copyright protection, associated rights, trademark and service mark protection, as well as laws on the organization and content of contents, are the exclusive responsibility of the User.

The User should be informed that any information (including but not limited to data files, messages, and similar material) that he may access through the BetGuide platform remains the property of whoever is in charge of it.

The User is conscious that any content he accesses through the BetGuide website may be protected by intellectual property rights held by other Users, associates, or advertisers who publish content there. Unless as specifically authorized by the material’s owners in writing pursuant to the terms of a separate agreement, the User shall not be permitted to rent, modify, transmit on a loan, sell, distribute, or produce derivative works based on such content (in whole or in part).

Publications accessible on the public domain and articles from the BetGuide website may be shared as long as a link is provided back to the Site.

The deletion, failure, or inability to store any content or other communication data on the BetGuide site or transmitted through it will not subject the Administration to liability for any inconvenience or harm suffered by the User.

The administration disclaims all liability for any direct or indirect losses that result from the use of, or inability to use, the site or any of its services; from statements or actions of third parties expressed on the site; from illegal access to the User’s communications; or from any other cause.

Any content that a user posts on the BetGuide site without the owner’s consent, including but not limited to material that is copyright protected, is not the administration’s responsibility.

6. Rights and Obligations of All Parties

The User is authorized to:

  • Use absolute discretion when deciding whether to provide personal data necessary to access the BetGuide platform and whether to give approval for its processing.
  • Edit, update or add information if there were any recent changes to the data.
  • Demand specific details from the administration on how personal information is managed if such a right is recognized.
  • If personal information was gathered unlawfully, is inaccurate, out-of-date, or is not necessary, the User may seek a description of the data from the administration and ask for it to be blocked or destroyed.
  • Take the appropriate legal measures to protect and uphold their own rights.

The Administration is supposed to:

  • Use the data only for the purposes listed in the privacy statement.
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of any information obtained.
  • Not to divulge any personally identifiable information without first receiving the user’s consent in writing, and not to exchange, sell, or otherwise make public any of the data the user has submitted.
  • Use appropriate security measures in accordance with the protocol used to protect this kind of data in business transactions to safeguard the User’s personal information.
  • Private details belonging to the User may be banned at the request of the User, his legal representative, or an authorized agency for the safeguarding of private data during the period of verification in the event that inaccurate personal information or proof of criminal behavior is found.

7. General Provisions

By using the BetGuide site, the User agrees to this privacy statement and the terms and conditions regarding the utilization of their personal data.

The User must cease using the BetGuide services in case they disagree with the conditions of the privacy policy.

This privacy statement is applicable to the BetGuide website. By clicking on links on the BetGuide site, Users may access third-party domains, over which the Site has no control and for which it has no liability.

The Administration does not verify the legitimacy of the user-provided personal information.

8. Dispute Resolution

A written plan or electronic proposal for a negotiated solution to the problem must be filed before submitting an appeal for disputes resulting from the User’s connection with the Administration.

The recipient shall notify the claimant in writing or electronically of the result of the claim within thirty (30) days of the date the application was received.

The Arbitration Court will handle the disagreement if a solution cannot be reached.

This Privacy Statement and the interactions between the User and the Administration are subject to all applicable laws.

9. Additional Terms

It is legal for the administration to make changes to this privacy statement without getting permission from the user.

Unless otherwise specified in the most recent version, the revised Privacy Policy comes into force as of the time it is uploaded on the BetGuide website.

Contact us via email at betguide.ng@gmail.com in case you have any comments or inquiries concerning our privacy statement.

This site’s most recent privacy statement can be found at: https://betguide.ng/policy-page/.