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What Happens When a Match Is Abandoned in BetKing?

publication - Mar 26, 2024

changed - Apr 03, 2024

Many things can happen during a game. But the majority of them are expected and don’t cause many problems. But one thing might come out of nowhere: the game being abandoned or postponed. It sounds simple, but what will happen to the wagers you place?

It depends entirely on the platform, with most of them having special rules in place for this exact situation. This article will cover how they work on BetKing in Nigeria. The text will include information on how the platform handles such things. We will also explain the reasons for such occasions and what to do.

BetKing: Brief Overview

BetKing: Brief Overview

BetKing is a platform that focuses mainly on sports betting. It offers no casino options, so gamblers will find this disappointing. But the platform provides a huge list of sports to test your betting luck with, such as football, basketball, ice hockey, and futsal. And that’s just a small part of the list. The number of betting markets is also quite great. Apart from well-known over/unders, moneylines, and handicaps, it offers much more exciting options, such as goals in a row, Both Teams to Score, and wagering on halftime results.

Unfortunately, BetKing doesn’t offer any apps, so if you want to access the website from your mobile device, you can enjoy the smartphone-optimized version of the website. If you want to learn more about this platform, you can check out our article on wagering on the bookmaker. It will include information about BetKing booking and how to place a bet on the platform.

Cancelled and Postponed Matches

Cancelled and Postponed Matches Betking

So, what exactly are canceled and postponed matches? Despite some clear similarities, there are differences between them. Let’s check them out.

  • Canceled Match. The match won’t happen at all. The reasons for that might differ. We will cover some of them in the “Why Football Matches Get Cancelled” section.
  • Postponed match. The game will happen, but later. This is due to several possible causes, sometimes even organizational issues.
  • Abandoned match. The game started, so someone kicked or touched the ball, started racing, or any other action occurred, depending on the discipline. But it can’t finish for any reason. Multiple causes exist, from natural events to political decisions or traumatic events.

Why Football Matches Get Cancelled?

There’s a large list of reasons why the match can get canceled. It is due to many parties involved, so if one team or organization can’t make it, the game won’t happen.

  • Schedule change. Some unforeseen events lead to the match having a date that’s different from the original one. But it seems that it’s impossible to host it on that day, so instead of getting.
  • Unexpected weather changes. The pitch conditions might be wrong, or the weather might make a game literally unplayable on the open field.
  • Safety concerns. There might be different reasons for safety issues to emerge. In this case, it’s better to cancel the match altogether unless postponing it is possible.
  • International duties. There’s a chance that they will call players to participate in other events, for example, for the national team. In a scenario where this happens to several powerful footballers, a club might decide to cancel the game since its chances of winning might be significantly decreased.

How Does the Company Process Postponed Games?

If the game is abandoned or postponed for any reason, then the bets remain active until midnight the following day. After that, the bets will be void, and you will get your funds back.

Will It Keep My Bet?

Your bet will remain active until midnight on the day following the scheduled date of the postponed event. The same is true for the abandoned games as well. If your bet’s conditions have already been met, then it will stay. For example, if a football game was abandoned at a score of 3:1 and you placed an Over 2.5 or Under 2.5 wager, then this bet will stand, even if it was an abandoned match in BetKing.

What Will Happen With the Odds?

If the game happens later, the odds remain unchanged unless otherwise stated. You can also choose to agree if they increase when placing a wager automatically. If the match gets canceled altogether, then your bet will be void.

The Terms and Conditions of BetKing Nigeria for Postponed Matches

Now let’s take a look at the rules that regulate postponed matches at BetKing Nigeria:

  • The bet will be void if the venue of the event changes, even if the match doesn’t become canceled, abandoned, or postponed.
  • Unconditionally determined bets stay active. It means the situation when the game meets the wager’s conditions before being abandoned. It is especially true for over/unders and Both Teams to Score.

Tips and Recommendations for Postponed Matches

Tips and Recommendations for Postponed Matches BetKing Nigeria

Of course, some things can make your experience easier, especially if you keep up with the news and know that the game will be canceled or postponed for any reason. This can be very helpful, especially if you don’t usually place wagers on the events weeks before them. Let’s check out how you can make things easier.

How to Check the Information About Postponed Match via Social Media

If you want to know whether an upcoming match or any other event is canceled or abandoned, you can do so by keeping your eyes on social media and the news. There are plenty of ways to do so.

  • Facebook. Unfortunately, BetKing Nigeria’s Facebook account doesn’t seem to be up to date, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking other groups on the social media platform. For example, if an upcoming game is a big enough event, then most sports-related groups will have the information. Otherwise, you might just keep your eye on the groups of the teams or players of the upcoming event.
  • Twitter. The platform has a dedicated Twitter account: BetKingNG. It’s perfectly active, and you can use it to keep up with the events and whether anything will be canceled or postponed. You can still check the accounts of teams and players as well.

How to Check the Information About Postponed Match with the Help of Customer Support

Another way to get information about upcoming events and their possible postponement or cancellation is to ask customer care service directly. To do so, you have to contact them. We will cover the ways to do so in the next section.

BetKing Nigeria: Customer Care Service

If you have any issues while betting on BetKing or find it difficult to understand some nuances of getting a game postponed or canceled, you can ask customer care service for assistance. They will reply on time and provide all of the needed information. Below are the ways to contact it.

  • Live Chat
  • 017005581
  • 012777247
  • 02017005581
  • cs@betking.com
  • betkingng
  • BetKingNG

As you can see, there are different methods of contacting the customer care service on the platform. It greatly increases your chances of getting your issues resolved and questions answered.


Betking Conclusion

Sometimes a game, be it football or any other sport, will get postponed. What’s even worse is that it may get canceled as well. The majority of serious bookmakers enforce special rules for bettors in such situations.

BetKing isn’t an exception; its rules and take on such situations are pretty straightforward. Our article explained precisely how it works on the platform, covering possible issues that can emerge if the game gets postponed or abandoned.


How does a match get abandoned?

There are many reasons why the players or team may abandon or cancel the match. They might range from political to certain disagreements, from weather conditions to the athletes being asked to perform for the national team.

Who gets the points if the match is abandoned?

Nobody. Everybody acts as if the game hasn’t happened at all, and the bets become voided. However, the wagers with the already met conditions are an exception and will stay.

What happens if a football match is abandoned after 75 minutes?

The game isn’t finished, so the same thing happens: the platform will void all of the bets. There’s a chance that the game might happen at a later date, but this doesn’t matter.

Do you get your money back if a match is abandoned?

You don’t lose money in this case.

How long does it take Betking to void a game?

Usually, the bets are voided at midnight on the day following the match’s day.
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