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How to Check Your SportyBet ID Number in Nigeria?

publication - May 02, 2024

changed - May 07, 2024

Keeping track of your bets is essential if you’re an active punter. Thankfully, in 2023, there are plenty of ways to do so, with modern wagering websites providing detailed information about your betting history, allowing you to enter a code for a ticket, and other things.

In the article below, we will explain how the method of checking your ticket ID works, specifically at SportyBet. In this article, we plan to cover how checking ticket ID works on SportyBet in Nigeria. We will provide detailed tutorials on this and how to save and load them. Moreover, we will include some additional information about the platform’s betting options. 

About SportyBet Nigeria

If you’re looking for a website that offers nearly everything you might want without having a bloated website or adding unimportant features, then SportyBet is for you. The Nigerian version of the platform offers plenty of disciplines to try your prediction skills with, ranging from football to ice hockey, from MMA to eSports.

If you want to learn more about this online platform and learn how to be an active user on SportyBet, you can check out our dedicated article on the matter.

What’s a Ticked ID?

A ticked ID is a random (not always) combination of letters and digits assigned to each ticket related to your bet. This unique number can make tracking past wagers much easier. And that’s precisely what we’re aiming to explore in our article.

First things first, you can save them after combining a betslip with a single or multiple wager. This will allow you to get the code and use it to access that betslip later. The process of doing so is called “loading.” You will simply enter the code, check if it’s correct, and use it for wagering purposes. We will explain how to do so in the next few sections, but there’s nothing complicated about the processes.

How to Save a Code

If you plan to generate a booking code, you must go through the steps you usually take to place a bet. There’s nothing difficult about the process, so let’s take a look at the stages.

  1. Go to SportyBet and log into your account. Simply visit the website from the desktop or mobile. Alternatively, run the app.
  2. Find the sport you like. The website’s main page usually lists the main sports you can place a wager on.
  3. Pick the event. The website also shows the most popular events by default. Find the one you’re interested in and take a look at the offered markets and odds.
  4. Select the market. SportyBet offers a diverse list of wagering markets. Apart from regular over/unders and moneylines, you can always try additional options, such as winning methods, betting on a team that will score the first goal in a football match, and correct score. Pick the market you’re interested in, take a look at the odds, and hit the button.
  5. Check out the betslip. You will see the betslip appear on the right part of the screen. It will include the selection you placed. You can add more and combine them into a multiple or system bet. It also shows your possible wins and the field where you can enter the stake.
  6. Hit the “Book Bet” button. Simply press it, and the platform will automatically generate a code that you can use much later.
  7. All done. There’s no need to confirm anything. Now, you can use that code later to check it or load and modify your bets and place them.

As you can see, the steps mainly involve doing what you usually do for placing the bets, but with a caveat: you just save the code instead of placing a wager.

How to Check

And now, let’s move to the main aspect of our article. Our list below will provide the steps a SportyBet user can take to check the ticket code on the betting platform.

  1. Visit SportyBet from your mobile device or desktop.
  2. On the right side of the screen, you will find a betslip.
  3. There, you can load your booking code or ticket ID.
  4. If it is successfully loaded, then your ticket is active, and you can use it to place your wager.
  5. All done.

As you can see, the process is perfectly straightforward and doesn’t pose any issues for the punters. As a result, you will successfully verify the SportyBet ID number of your coupon.

How to Load a Booking Code

Apart from checking the SportyBet code, you can simply load it (if you saved it previously) and interact with the betslip you have already combined. The steps are identical to those you use to check the code, but let’s look at them anyway.

  1. Go to SportyBet. Simply visit the website or run the application.
  2. Locate the betslip on the right of the screen on a desktop version.
  3. Type in the code you generated previously.
  4. You will see all of your selections and predictions appear. You can now modify them or finally place a bet.

Betting Markets and Types Available on SportyBet

Since booking codes are directly related to the overall wagering process, let’s take a deeper look at the options offered on the platform. In the next sections, we will list existing markets and wagering types.

Betting Markets

SportyBet offers plenty of markets where you can place your wagers. This makes the betting process much more interesting, especially for the punters tired of common choices.

  • 1×2. In this case, you’re simply betting on the result of a game. 1 and 2 stand for the wins of Home or Away teams, respectively, and X means draw.
  • Over/Under. Here, you’re wagering whether the game’s number of accumulated points or total goals in football will exceed a set point. For example, in football, “Over 2.5” means that the game’s total score has to be 3 or over for the bet to win.
  • Correct Score. This involves simply betting on the final score of the game. You have to predict it exactly or correctly.
  • Winning method. Football means whether the team won in regular time, overtime, or other ways.
  • Goal Bounds. Here, you’re essentially trying to predict the goal range. This means the range in which the total number of goals will fall. For example, 1-3 means that one, two, or three of them scored during a game will be enough for your bet to win.
  • Double Chance. Here, you’re placing one wager on two possible outcomes. For example, either the Away team will win the match, or the game will end in a draw.

It isn’t a complete list of existing betting markets that one might find on SportyBet, but it includes some of the most notable ones.

Betting Types

We’ve already covered existing markets, so now it’s time to check out the types of bets you can place on SportyBet. There are three of them, and we plan to list them below.

  • Single. This is the easiest kind. There’s only one selection placed on a single market of one event. Nothing else is needed. It’s also very easy to calculate the potential winnings: just multiply the stake by the odds, and this is what you get unless you use some bonuses or boosts.
  • Multiple. This one is more convoluted: you can place several selections on one or multiple events, markets, or sports. The result might include many lines, but if one of them loses, so will the whole bet. This makes the process much riskier than singles, so we can’t recommend this betting type for newcomers. The calculation process is also much more difficult, although multiples generally result in bigger wins. Thankfully, the betslip will show possible returns for you while you place the bet.
  • System. This betting type is very similar to multiple bets, but you can lose some selections without losing the whole prediction. This works as a great risk-reducing strategy but ensures you know the rules.


It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of having a quick, easy, and intuitive way to check your bets, current and past. An ability to track them can be used for many things, from financial planning to analyzing your skills.

Thankfully, SportyBet Nigeria makes the process extremely straightforward. You’re always just a few steps away from it. Our article explained the steps you can take if you want to save, load, or check your ticket ID. We also provided some additional information and tips.

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