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How to Cash Out on Betway

publication - Apr 17, 2024

changed - Apr 29, 2024

BetWay is one of the leading betting companies across multiple countries in Europe and Africa. With over 15 years of service, the platform has perfected its wagering game. Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods allow for quick and safe transactions for all members. BetWay offers many promotions and bonuses for sports betting and casino games. 

Overall, the site presents an easy-to-use interface and transparent payment methods to gamblers. Let’s take a closer look at BetWay’s cash out options.

Overview of Withdrawal Methods 

Overview of Withdrawal Methods 

BetWay is known for the simplicity of its cash out procedure. The wagering platform provides 3 basic ways of withdrawing your winnings:

  1. Via EFT: Electronic funds transfer.
  2. Via Paga: Mobile payment.
  3. Via OPay: Popular payment system.

All of the mentioned methods include secure and easy withdrawal options through a mobile or bank card transfer. Make sure to keep track of the Betway minimum withdrawal amount included in the terms and conditions. 

Withdrawal MethodMain Features
EFT– Electronic funds transfer
– Requires banking details
– No cash or cheques needed
Paga– Mobile payment system
– Requires a Paga wallet
– Bank account and mobile number needed
Opay– Popular digital and mobile bank
– Requires an Opay wallet
– Compatible with its mobile app

If you have chosen a method already, it is time to explore the withdrawal transaction in more detail.

BetWay Cash Out

BetWay Cash Out

The platform allows users to accept settlements of bets before the final results are determined. The end sum is, therefore, calculated based on the current odds of the game and is entirely dependent on the timing of your decision to cash out. The option is available for single and multiple bets only, and limitations in cases of bonuses are common. Make sure to keep track of the events offering the feature, as not all BetWay events do. 

An Essential Option

Cash Out remains a top feature among others in the gambling world. The option is handy for live betting on all sports and significant events. While the company’s wagering policy regulates the mode, it boasts several important advantages: 

  • Receive winnings with favorable odds. 
  • Enjoy your favorite sport or a big game without worrying about loss.
  • Minimize your loss in case of undesirable game outcomes.
  • Experiment with several wagering strategies.
  • Secure a profit without waiting for the game to conclude.

Ultimately, bettors in Nigeria benefit tremendously from minimizing losing risks, especially in uncertain games.

Partial Cash Out 

The feature provides the option to cash out only a portion of the bet while leaving the remaining stake active. Partial cash out, like regular cash out, lets bettors control their risk by limiting losses or securing a portion of possible winnings while retaining part of the initial stake. At the same time, bettors have the additional flexibility to choose the amount they want to withdraw, leaving the rest of the bet active. As the regular feature, partial cash out is only available for single and multi-bets.

Spotting the Option on BetWay

Spotting the Option on BetWay

As we have already mentioned, the feature is not always available on the platform. The company does not guarantee that the offer will be active for any event or sport, even if it has been before. 

  • To easily spot the option on Betway, stay updated on regular news and promotions.
  • Check the cash out availability by viewing the game information in advance.
  • For live games, you can find the necessary information in the Live section.

Besides each game, bettors must make sure that other wagering aspects are included in the offer.

Markets Available

BetWay provides wagerers with the most popular markets, including win-draw-win, over-under, accumulators, and correct scores. The specific markets available for a game with the cash out feature are to be viewed during the event or right before the match. Once again, ensure you are updated on BetWay’s news to receive the most relevant information.

A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you are familiar with the cash out option, let’s review the specifics of placing a bet with the feature. Below is a step-by-step guide on applying the feature in a natural game setting.  

Login to Your Betting Account

Visit the official BetWay website or open the mobile app. Log in to your account using your username and password.

Navigate to Your Bet Slip

BetWay, like most wagering platforms, displays the section on the right.

View Eligible Bets for Cash Out

Within the open bets section, identify the eligible bets for cash out. Not all bets may have this option. BetWay only accepts single and multi-bets in this case.

Check the Cash Out Offer

The platform will display the current cash out offer for each eligible bet. This offer is the amount of money you can receive if you choose to cash out at that moment. It’s based on the event’s current status and your bet’s potential outcome.

Make Your Decision

Evaluate the cash out offer and decide whether you want to take the money offered and settle the bet early. Consider factors such as the current score, the time remaining in the event, and any other relevant information.

Choose Full or Partial Cash Out

If applicable, select either the full cash out or specify the amount you want to cash out partially.

Confirm Your Decision

Ensure that you are satisfied with the cash out amount and that you want to proceed.

Receive Funds

If you confirm the cash out, the funds will be immediately credited to your betting account. 

Terms and Conditions

Betway Terms and Conditions

BetWay secures the users’ and company’s rights through its gambling policy. Before placing any bets or experimenting with its intriguing features, take some time to read the platform’s terms and conditions. The section can be found down below the main page, along with other helpful links.

The terms and conditions specify cash out eligibility, cases of technical difficulties, outcomes, and other insightful information regarding cash out suspension and withdrawal.

Customer Support

BetWay prioritizes the safety and efficiency of its members’ gambling. The site has developed a thorough feedback system for all bettors. The support team can be reached via phone and email. Its main goal is to regulate responsible gambling and help wagerers with any inquiry regarding the process.

  • 07000238929
  • responsiblegambling@betway.com.ng

Feel free to contact the tea any time to have all your questions answered!


Betway Conclusion

The cash out feature is one of the most intriguing betting options currently. Whether you are a beginner or an expert bettor, feel free to experiment with valuable odds at different parts of a match. At the same time, please familiarize yourself with any terms and conditions prior to placing any bets to minimize any risks.


How long does it take to receive cash out from Betway?

It takes about 1 to 2 business days to receive your winnings.

What happens when you cash out?

You can accept settlements of bets before the final results are determined. In the end, you are left with the chosen settlements before the game is over.

How are cash out bets calculated?

The bets are calculated based on the current odds of the game and are fully dependent on the timing of your decision to cash out.

What bets are eligible for cash out?

Only single and multiple bets are eligible for the offer.

What is the maximum winning bet on Betway in Nigeria?

The maximum winning for a single bet is ₦25,000,000 and ₦50,000,000 for multi-bet.
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