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Register With a Betwinner in Nigeria Now!

publication - Jan 21, 2024

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If there’s a platform that you’re interested in trying, then your first step would be to join it. We assume that you have already read enough about its main features, reputation, and offered deposit and withdrawal methods. Either way, you should know what to expect by that time. 

What if BetWinner is the platform in question? This bookie offers its services in many countries across the globe, including African ones such as Nigeria. Our article will cover everything related to the registration process at this sportsbook. We will check the offered methods, Terms of Service, analyze possible issues, explain the account verification process, and even include customer service contacts. Our article mainly focuses on the market in Nigeria, but many things can be similar to how it happens in other countries.

BetWinner Brief Overview

BetWinner is an international bookmaker operating in many countries. It is a well-loved platform in Nigeria, boasting high odds on winnings and an excellent service overall. You can read complete information about the service in our detailed BetWinner overview.

How to Register on the Platform

How to Register on the Betwinner Platform

Let’s start with the sign-up procedure itself. After all, it’s likely the main reason why you’re reading this text. The process doesn’t differ much from what you can find at the majority of bookmakers. There are three possible methods, two of which don’t take a lot of time and allow you to join the platform in around a minute. A third option is a bit longer but is still worth looking at.

One-Click Registration

If you want to sign up quickly, this is the simplest method that doesn’t require any additional information. It allows you to create an account in a few seconds, although the verification and other steps will still happen later. Let’s check out the steps you have to complete:

  • Go to BetWinner and Hit “Registration”

    Visit BetWinner Click or tap on the “Registration” button.

  • Select the Registration Method and Enter the Information

    The “One Click” method is the default approach. The platform already selected the country for you if you visited the Nigerian version. The same is true for currency. Now, you can optionally enter a promo code if you have one.

  • Check the Boxes and Click “Register”

    Tick the box agreeing to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and confirm that you are over 18 years old. Click “Register.”

  • Finish the Procedure

    Solve the CAPTCHA to finish the process. And all done! You’re now a new member of BetWinner. You can find your password and username at the top of the new window. Optionally, you can send it to your email.


By Phone

While the one-click method will be the one offered by default and is generally the simplest to follow, it’s the “By Phone” approach that seems to be a choice for many users. This method implies that you have to confirm your phone number during the very first stage of the registration process. Let’s check out what you have to do to sign up with this method:

  • Visit BetWinner and Hit “Register”

    Visit the website and click or tap the “Registration” button on the top-right part of the screen.

  • Enter Your Phone Number and Confirm It

    Enter your phone number. You can’t edit your country code; it’s fixed depending on the version of the website you’re visiting. In this case, we’re assuming that you’re accessing the Nigerian one. Click the “Send SMS” button and enter the confirmation code that you will shortly receive. This way you will confirm your phone number.

  • Type in the Rest of Information and Check the Boxes

    Now it’s time to enter the information. You don’t have to pick a preferred currency, as it’s already pre-selected. You can enter a promo code if you want and have any. Tick the box. This means you’ve read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and are over 18 years old.

  • Click “Register” Again and Finish the Process

    Click “Register” and solve the CAPTCHA.
    Congratulations! You can now use BetWinner.


By Email

This approach is the lengthiest road that you can take during the registration process. It asks for a lot of data, including both your phone number and email address. The method means that you will be using your email address as the default login option so it can be a great solution for some punters. Below are all of the stages of the procedure:

  • Go to Betwinner and Hit “Registration”

    Visit BetWinner. Locate the “Registration” button and click or tap it.

  • Enter the Information

    There’s no need to pick a country, as it’s already selected, so now it’s time to go with the region. Choose a city you’re residing in. Then, enter your email address and provide your phone number.
    The currency is also selected for you, so there’s nothing to change; just check that it’s a Naira and you’re visiting a Nigerian website.
    Similarly to other methods, if you have any, you can optionally type in your promo code. Finish entering information by typing in your full name and creating a password.

  • Check the Boxes and Finish the Procedure

    Tick the box. By doing so, you agree to the T&C, Privacy Policy, and the fact that you’re 18 years old or older. Then click “Register” or tap it. Finish the process by solving the CAPTCHA.
    All done.


Registration Rules and Conditions

Betwinner Registration Rules and Conditions

Of course, there are rules that you have to follow to use a wagering platform safely and not get banned. They are usually simple, and getting familiar with them isn’t difficult, so we recommend checking the needed page on the website before you create an account on the platform. Nevertheless, below, we will outline the most important ones. Keep in mind that these are just the main and basic rules.

  • Be of legal betting age. It’s 18 on BetWinner and in most countries of the world, including Nigeria.
  • Don’t lie about any information you provide. This goes both for personal and financial. Don’t lie about your name, age, and banking information. If you do, you will quickly get banned from the platform.
  • Spell your name the same way it’s written in your bank info. If you enter your full name during the registration process, make sure that it’s spelled identically to how it’s done in your financial information. This isn’t critical, but it will speed up and simplify the validation process.
  • You can’t bet on the events that you directly participate in. If you’re a sportsperson, coach, referee, or club/team owner, then you’re not allowed to bet on related games.

Possible Problems You Can Enter During the BetWinner Registration

Possible Problems You Can Enter During the BetWinner Registration

While BetWinner is a website that works in a stable manner, and so are its apps, some issues might appear on rare occasions. They’re usually not serious, especially those that happen during the registration procedure, since this process has been polished over the years, being an actively used part of the platform’s interface. Let’s check some of them.

  • The website doesn’t work. If you can’t access it, check your Internet connection. Also, make sure that you’re located in an area where the website isn’t banned if you’re not living in Nigeria at the moment. If you’re using VPN, try to disable it.
  • Nothing works when trying to log in. Sometimes, you type in the needed information during the BetWinner sign-up stages, but nothing happens after clicking the “Register” button. In this case, the problem may lie in the Internet connection. Check if everything is okay with it and reconnect if needed. Try reloading the page or restarting your browser as well. If both don’t help, then there are chances that it’s a server-side issue. Try to wait sometime. If the issues still persist, contact customer support.
  • Impossible to change the country code when entering your phone number. This isn’t an error. This is done by design. The country code depends on the version of the website you’re using. So if you have a Nigerian phone number, you have to register through betwinner.ng.


Betwinner Verification

Similarly to other serious and reliable bookmakers, BetWinner features an account verification procedure that’s designed to prevent money laundering and other shady schemes. The process isn’t something that’s a regular occurrence, but you might be required to take part before your first withdrawal or if the company suspects some malicious activity. It’s usually effortless to go through, so that’s what we cover in the next section.

How to Activate the Phone Number on the Platform

The phone number activation procedure isn’t a part of the validation process per se. Still, it’s an essential step in making sure that you’re a real person with an actual and legitimate phone number registered in Nigeria. The steps are simple and similar to the sign-up procedure since it’s a part of it.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Click “Register.”
  3. Select the “By Phone” sign-up method.
  4. Enter your phone number.
  5. Click or tap “Send SMS.”
  6. You will receive a code on your phone.
  7. Enter it into the “Confirmation code” field.
  8. Click or tap the “Confirm” button.
  9. Finish the rest of the registration steps.
  10. Congratulations, your phone number is now verified.

If you decide to pursue other registration methods, don’t worry, the platform will ask for your phone number if and when needed.

Required Documents for Validation

The verification process itself requires sending some papers in order to confirm your identity and bank details. Below are some of the documents that you may have to send to the platform:

  • Identification papers. This might be your national ID, international passport, or driver’s license. The idea is that it has to feature both your name and the photo.
  • Documents that confirm your address. This can be a recently obtained payment receipt or utility bill.

BetWinner Customer Care

BetWinner Customer Care

We have already recommended contacting customer support if you experience any issues. But how can you do so? Let’s check out the offered methods.

  • Live Chat
  • info@betwinner.ng
  • BetwinnerNigeria
  • 08001235343
  • BetwinnerNG

The table above shows that there are plenty of ways to contact BetWinner customer care. And there are even dedicated support channels for the residents of Nigeria.


Betwinner Conclusion

The registration process is one of those parts of using betting platforms that can’t be avoided. Its importance cannot be overestimated since this is how you usually start interacting with the bookmakers. And obviously, the bookmakers make this process as effortless as possible.

BetWinner isn’t an exception to that rule; the betting process is incredibly straightforward. There are three ways to approach it: the “one-click” one that takes a few seconds and doesn’t require any information; the “by phone” one that involves confirming your mobile number via a code; and the “by email” method that includes entering a lot of information, including your city of residence, phone number, email address, and full name.

Of course, registration isn’t the only part of using BetWinner. It’s just how getting familiar with the platform starts. If you want to learn more about the platform’s different features and aspects, check out our BetWinner reviews.


How can I register on BetWinner?

If you want to join the platform, then you can do so by using three methods: by phone, by email, or with just one click. We described each of them in detail in this article, but to keep things short, you have to visit the website, click “Registration,” and input all of the necessary information.

What is the BetWinner promo code in Nigeria?

Promo codes change all the time. You can quickly find the most recent ones by searching the Web.

What is the maximum withdrawal from BetWinner in Nigeria?

The platform doesn’t specify a maximum amount that you can’t withdraw. This leads us to believe that if there’s a limit, then it’s likely a very high one.

Is BetWinner available in Nigeria?

Yes, the platform operates in the country on a fully legal basis, supporting local payment methods, having a National betting and gambling license, as well as providing a dedicated version of the website.
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