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How to Load Bet Code on Betwinner in Nigeria?

How to Load Bet Code on Betwinner in Nigeria?


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Apart from the players who gamble, people come to bookmakers to start wagering first and foremost. So we can’t overestimate the importance of this process. And that’s precisely the reason why the websites make it as easy and accessible as possible. But that doesn’t mean that there is no need to analyze the process. In our article, we will include guides on how to place wagers on BetWinner and we will cover every step in detail. We will also describe other important things, such as calculating total odds and other betting markets, and provide some prediction tips. 

A Brief Overview of the Platform

BetWiner is an international betting platform that operates in several countries on the African continent, including Nigeria. It boasts excellent choice of events, high odds and a whole lot of bonuses. Check out this BetWinner review to learn more about the platform.


Betwinner Tutorial

In the following paragraphs, we will go through each stage of the betting process on BetWinner. We will check how the platform handles it, how to access all the needed buttons, and what to do. We will also start with the pre-required procedures, such as registration and moving money into your account. Let’s start!

Step 1: Creating an Account on BetWinner

Obviously, before you start betting, you should join the platform. There’s nothing difficult about such a process on BetWinner, although some of the methods take longer than others. So let’s check out the steps below:

As you can see, the procedure is pretty straightforward, even though it’s a bit more convoluted if you prefer to go with the “By email” approach.

Step 2: Depositing Money

After you’ve made an account, the next logical step would be to add some money to your account’s balance. This is totally expected; you must have some funds if you want to bet. Of course, there are various promotions, bonuses, and free bets to assist you, but even those usually require depositing some money first.

BetWinner is a large and international platform, so it doesn’t surprise us that it supports many methods for transferring funds. It’s also logical that the options differ from one market to another. Let’s check how you can deposit the funds into your account in Nigeria.

  • Bank card transfer: Visa and MasterCard.
  • Jeton Cash.
  • Skrill.
  • AirTM.
  • Perfect Money.
  • EcoPayz.
  • Neteller.
  • QuickTeller.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Dogecoin, Monero, and many others.

What’s clear is that there are plenty of options that you can use in Nigeria. Skrill and Quickteller are quite common options, as are bank cards, obviously. If you’re a Nigerian punter, it’s unlikely that you will experience serious difficulties with the depositing process.

Step 3: Start Betting

Now it’s time to start placing the wagers. The process doesn’t differ much from the way it usually works on other platforms. It’s also quite quick. Let’s check it out.

How to Calculate Total Odds and Potential Winnings

Calculating your winnings isn’t a difficult process, but there can be some nuances. If you’re placing a single bet, everything is incredibly simple: just multiply your stake by the odds. And that’s all. The betslip will clearly show your potential winnings. It will do the same with multiple wagers, but the way the winnings are calculated is a bit more complicated. 

In the case of the accumulator, the stake is multiplied by all odds of corresponding selections. This can produce pretty significant returns should your bet win. For the conditional bet, the stake for each selection is equal to the maximum return of the previous one, with the player only setting the one for the initial leg.

Additional Betting Types on BetWinner

Additional Betting Types on BetWinner

The most common type of wager is a single one. It’s the most straightforward and easiest-to-understand bet: just one event and one market. The potential winnings equal your stake being multiplied by the odds. Simple, isn’t it? It’s also the least risky one. This is the reason why we recommend sticking to it unless you’re a serious professional who knows what he’s doing. But there are other types. Let’s check some of them.


Sometimes simply referred to as a multiple bet and, more rarely, a parlay, an accumulator is a wager that includes several selections. They may or may not be at different events. Technically, the accumulator is just a sub-type of a multiple bet, just the most common and popular ones, so this is why many platforms use the terms interchangeably, especially if they don’t offer other kinds of multiples. With the accumulator, your potential winnings will be larger than just the sum of two separate single bets, and that’s exactly what makes multiples attractive.

The thing about them is that they’re riskier than singles. Especially considering that if one of the selections loses, your whole bet is lost. Sure, there are situations where the risks are manageable, but the single ones are always safer, which makes them a better idea if you’re planning a long-term strategy.


This is an original take on the accumulators. The anti-accumulators work exactly in the opposite way. Your selections have to be lost if you want to see any returns. The more losses, the higher the wins.

Chain Bet

A chain bet is a multiple wagers that consists of several singles. You determine the order of the selections, and after each win, the balance is adjusted accordingly. The system will terminate the chain once your balance drops to zero.

System Bet

System wager consists of several accumulators with the same number of selections. Not all of them have to be winning for you to see the profits; there are various possible combinations. For example, if you go with the “System Bet 2/5” option, only two selections have to win.

Conditional Bet

This one is a combination of singles and accumulators on various unrelated outcomes. The player decides the order in which they should unfold. The first one should always win; other things depend on various conditions. Your stake shouldn’t exceed the returns from the previous one. 


This one is similar to the combination bet. It may include a combination of singles and accumulators, and only one of them has to end up winning if you want to see any returns. There are many possible combinations, with the number of selections ranging from two to eight. For example, your bet may include: 

  • 4 singles
  • 6 doubles
  • 4 trebles
  • 1 fourfold accumulator

Things to Consider Before Betting

Betwinner Things to Consider Before Betting

Before you start betting, make sure that you’re familiar with the platform’s rules. It’s worth remembering the obvious ones, such as the fact that you have to be at least 18 years old to bet legally. Lying about your age will get you banned on every existing betting platform. You should also provide correct information about everything that the platform may ask you for, mainly personal and financial.

We also recommend checking whether you like the offered transaction methods and have access to them. We already listed the ones offered for deposit; you can check the withdrawal solutions on your own. There are plenty of options, ranging from direct credit card transfers to cryptocurrencies.

Betting Predictions

Betwinner Betting Predictions

If you want to know some tips that can make you consistently better at wagering, we’ll happily provide them. Just keep in mind that they won’t make you correct in 100% of cases since this is plainly impossible. Check some of them out:

  • Learn the sport. You don’t have to know how to play it, but getting familiar with the rules, history, and main teams and players, as well as understanding some not-so-obvious nuances, will go a long way.
  • Get familiar with recent events. Things change, and once powerful, a team might be just a shadow of its former success, performance-wise. Sometimes the difference can be drastic from one season to the next. The same goes for individual players. Watch recent games and keep up with the news to understand what to expect from them.
  • Check the opinions of professional experts. There are plenty of people that know a lot about betting and are willing to share their knowledge. You may also find many forums where people will discuss their predictions. Don’t avoid it all; listen to the masses and the professionals; this is essential for forming your own opinion and learning what to expect.
  • Learn bankroll management. Be smart about your money: plan your spending beforehand, and don’t make risky moves unless you’re absolutely sure. And if it seems that betting involves more money than you originally planned, try to control it better. 
  • Don’t place bets on events with high odds. We already mentioned it. In essence, high odds mean low chances of winning, so this bet is risky by design. Sometimes, such a risk may pay off, but it’s not worth becoming a regular occurrence in your long-time strategy. And we recommend staying away from it in general unless you’re an experienced bettor.
  • Avoid multiple bets. Similar to the previous point, this one is all about risk management. Multiple bets allow you to increase your potential winnings, but this comes at the cost of safety. Sure, there are some exceptions, like the wagers with 2-3 selections on the markets with moderate odds, but even those require a deeper understanding of the betting process. We recommend sticking to singles until you get more experience.
  • Use tools. The modern world of online betting provides many services, programs, and tools that you can use for analytical and statistical purposes. There’s also a lot of data readily available online. 
  • Analyze your betting history. Learn from your mistakes and successes. Track your previous results to get a better understanding of the things that you’re better off improving. This method also allows you to have a clearer picture of your spending if you have problems with bankroll management.

As you can see, the majority of these tips aren’t difficult to follow. If you can follow some discipline and are eager to learn new things, you can easily use the recommendations and quickly improve your wagering results.


Betwinner Conclusion

The betting process is an essential part of any interaction with a bookmaker. Obviously, it’s even a central one. Thankfully, this process usually doesn’t differ much from one platform to another, but that doesn’t mean that taking a closer look wouldn’t be worth it.

And that’s exactly what we did in this article: describe how wagering works on BetWinner. We also covered additional steps of the process, explained how you can calculate total odds, and provided some prediction tips. The text can be especially helpful for new bettors who aren’t familiar with the wagering process at all. If you want to learn more about the platform, you can check our other articles, most of them are focused on various features of the bookmaker, but there’s the BetWinner Nigeria main review that we recommend for starting.


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