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How Does BetWay Work in Nigeria

publication - Sep 26, 2023

changed - Jan 18, 2024

Betway is one of the most popular betting platforms in Nigeria. The sportsbook provides various betting markets for your entertainment. In this article, we’ll explain the betting markets present on the platform, so take a seat and read carefully to avoid misunderstandings when you place a bet.

Betway Market Types

Betway Market Types

The Betway platform offers an extensive range of betting markets to suit the needs of bettors with various interests and preferences. The over/under, scoring, halftime, and odd and even markets are some of the most well-liked types of bets. So let’s check out these markets more thoroughly and learn how to decipher the betting codes.

Match Results

Betway Match Results

The possible final outcomes of a game or match are represented as match results, with various codes indicating the possibilities. By understanding these codes, you can place more informed wagers and improve your chances of winning.


1XDC is an abbreviation for “Home team win or draw.” For instance, you will receive your profits if the home team wins or the match is a draw. On the other hand, if the away team wins, you will lose your money.


X2DC means “Draw or away team wins.” So in this scenario, your wager is on either a draw or a win for the away team.


The additional code used for event results is 12DC. This means that you will predict that at least one of the teams will win, and there will be no draw.

Goals Codes

Score bets are a wager type in which you predict whether there will or won’t be any goals scored during a particular event.


GG, which means “Goal Goal,” denotes a wager on goals being scored by each team throughout the match. For instance, if you place a GG code wager on a match between Team A and Team B, you bet both teams will score at least once.


On the other hand, NG means that you are betting against any goals being scored by any of the teams. So, for example, you’d lose your bet if the final results were 1-1, 1-0, or 0-3 because one of the teams scored.

Over/Under Codes

The most profitable choice for African bettors is over/under. The term over/under means a game’s overall sum of goals, fouls, cards, or corners. This enables bettors to focus more on the overall pattern of a game than on specific team performances.

OV 0.5

You can bet on Under 0.5, which means that teams should score only one goal to win this bet. Of course, there is a high probability of this, and that’s why this betting market is so widespread.

OV 1.5

Also, you have an alternative. If you analyze the teams and see that they are scoring more than 2 overall, you can predict that more than two goals will be scored and bet Under 1.5.

Home and Away Codes

The markets in this category offer a simple choice between home or away teams to win. 

Home Win

If you want to bet on the home team, you can bet that the home wins.

Away Win

Opposite side, you can predict that the away team will win the match.

Half Time Codes

BetWay Half Time Codes

With half-time codes, bettors can concentrate on specific periods of a game and make predictions about results depending on how the teams performed in the first and second halves. In addition, by dividing the game into two separate parts, bettors can focus on particular team tactics and formulate more precise predictions.

First Half Time

Codes for the first half of the game are related to events taken and results obtained during that period. Bettors can predict which team will take the lead, the number of goals that will be scored, or whether both teams will score in the first half by focusing on the beginning stages of the game.

Second Half Time

Contrarily, Second Half Time codes focus on the actions and results of the game’s second half. This code allows bettors to predict which team will dominate in the second period. In addition, with this code, bettors may consider how a team’s strategy may vary as the game goes on, considering things like fatigue, substitutions, and changes made during the halftime break.

Result Betting Codes

BetWay Result Betting Codes

Betting on the results focuses on guessing the outcome of a game, specifically whether the home team, the away team, or neither team will win. Punters’ predictions can be based on variables including team form, home-field advantage, and head-to-head records.

1 Win

“1 Win” means you’re betting the home team will win. That’s the most straightforward wager, so everything is intuitive, and your bets are based on your knowledge.

2 Win

If you want to bet on the opposite side, you can select “2 Win.”


A wager on the match’s outcome with an equal amount of goals scored by both teams is indicated as the “Draw” code. Frankly, if you want to bet on the 1, X, or 2, you always have 33% of success.

Amount of Goals Codes

The goal amount code is the total number of goals scored by either team in a game. It can be risky, but you can find good odds to get a big payout. You can bet on the first goal, the exact number of scored goals, and also over/under.

Exact Goals

You have to be an expert to bet on the exact scored goals. Frankly, this isn’t easy to guess. Anyway, if you bet on three goals, the overall number of scored goals in a match should be 3.

First Half Goals

You can also bet on the exact number of goals in the first half of the match.

Odd and Even Codes

Betway Odd and Even Codes

Using odd and even codes, punters may concentrate on the overall goal total in a game and predict whether it will be an odd or even number. This type of wager offers an intriguing twist because it focuses on the total number of goals scored rather than which side will win.


By selecting the “Odd” code, you are placing a wager that the sum of the goals scored by both teams will be odd. For instance, if you place an odd code wager on a match between Team A and Team B, you are betting that the sum of the goals scored by both sides will be an odd number, such as 1, 3, or 5. Therefore, your wager would be profitable if the final score was 2-1 or 3-2 since the total number of goals is an odd number.


The same things apply to bets with the “Even” code. But, of course, there is a difference in the overall goal amount, which needs to be an even number.

Betway Betting T&C’s

Betway Betting T&C’s

Betway Nigeria works under specified terms and conditions that regulate the use of its services, covering account verification, deposits, withdrawals, and responsible gambling. Before placing bets, users are urged to read and understand these terms and conditions to ensure a simple and pleasurable betting experience.

Betway General Rules of Sports Betting

Betway General Rules of Sports Betting

Knowing the basic rules that regulate the platform is essential before placing a wager on sports with Betway Nigeria. These rules handle several subjects, including accepting bets, wager settlement, void bets, and event postponement. Having a thorough understanding of these rules will help you avoid misconceptions and make wise decisions.


Betway Conclusion

To sum up, learning about betting markets and rules is an essential part of your betting journey. If you understand them, you’ll have an easy time deciding on what to bet. So, as you venture into the exciting world of sports betting, keep in mind that you need to make well-informed decisions, have fun, and embrace the thrill of the game.

How do you play on Betway?

You can read about the topic in our article about How to Bet on Betway.

What happens when you win on Betway?

You will get your winnings and will be able to withdraw them.

Can I withdraw my money from Betway?

Yes, you have various options to withdraw your winnings.

Which bank does Betway use?

You can top up your account or withdraw your winnings using the GTBank.

How long does it take to get your money from Betway?

The transactions are usually instant.
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