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How to Verify Betway Account in Nigeria?

publication - Apr 09, 2024

changed - Apr 17, 2024

When registering an account, many users are in the need for verification. This measure is present on almost all betting platforms, and Betway is no exception. In this review, we will analyze this process’s features and give step-by-step instructions.

A Brief Overview of Registering on Betway in Nigeria

A Brief Overview of Registering on Betway in Nigeria

To register on the platform, you only need a Nigerian phone number. The registration process takes only a few minutes. A minor drawback is the lack of the ability to sign in using social networks, but if you have an active phone number, this is not a problem. You will find a detailed overview and instructions in the article about Betway online registration.

The Purpose of Verification on Betway

Verification is an important procedure to protect players and bookmakers from fraud. It allows you to verify the user’s identity and the source of his income. Although the verification procedure may seem complex and time-consuming, it ensures security and trust between users and the bookmaker. Therefore, if you are serious about betting and want to protect your account from scammers, you must go through this procedure.

Instructions for Account Verification

Betway Instructions for Account Verification

By default, you do not need to verify your account. Typically, the user receives such a request when withdrawing funds over ₦250,000. The system can also identify suspicious signs. Don’t be alarmed; successful completion of verification will remove suspicions from you. Just follow our instructions, and everything will be fine.

  1. A request for verification is sent by email. Check your email for a letter from the security service.
  2. Read the list of documents listed in the email. You must make scans or photos and upload them in a response email.
  3. Wait while the security service checks the documents you sent and confirms your account. After this, all restrictions on withdrawals will be lifted.

If you want to withdraw more than ₦500,000, you will have to meet with a company representative for verification.

Verification Time: How Long Can the Process Take?

Verification usually takes no more than 72 hours. However, in case of a high load on the systems and other unforeseen circumstances, the period may increase to 7 working days. In most cases, it is much faster.

Verification of Personal Data

Betway Verification of Personal Data

As we have already written, the need to confirm identity does not arise on all accounts. Typically, such a request depends on the withdrawal amount. In addition, security officers can request verification randomly.

How to Verify Your Identity on Betway

There are different ways to verify your identity on the platform. For example, you may be asked to send a scan of your ID or driver’s license, take a selfie with a document, or otherwise confirm the correctness of the specified name and age.

Residential Address Verification Process

The correctness of the specified address is also essential for the bookmaker, so you may be asked to send a photo of a utility bill or a bank statement showing your address.

Verification of Financial Data

Betway Verification of Financial Data

The service does not conduct a separate verification of your financial data. It happens during deposits and withdrawals.

How to Add and Verify Bank Details on Betway

When making payments and withdrawing funds, you provide your account information. There is no need to link or confirm your payment information in advance.

Procedure for Verification of Financial Transactions

As soon as you initiate a financial transaction, the system automatically begins verification. It compares the personal data you specified in your profile and information from the payment system. The system may reject the transaction if you try to use another person’s card or e-wallet.

Use only your payment systems to avoid possible problems with receiving funds won.

Verification Tips and Recommendations

First, treat verification as an inevitable procedure. Understanding the bookmaker’s demands and providing all the requested documents is best. In addition, under no circumstances should you try to deceive the security service by forging documents or giving someone else’s data. If such actions are detected, the system may permanently block your account.


Betway Conclusion

Verification is a necessary procedure that bookmakers use to protect against fraudsters and monitor compliance with betting rules. If you receive a confirmation request, you will have to complete it. Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings. Usually, such a process is not complicated, but if you don’t understand something, just contact support, and they will definitely help you.


How long does it take to verify ID on Betway?

Typically, the review of submitted documents takes no more than three days, but in some cases, the time frame may increase.

How do I upload my ID to Betway?

You will receive a verification request to your email. Attach the requested photographs to the response letter and send them to the security service.

Do you need an ID to withdraw money from Betway?

Verification is usually not required if you withdraw up to ₦250,000. However, the system may send a request to confirm your identity even before withdrawing money.

Can you withdraw money from Betway without uploading documents?

Mandatory verification is required only for withdrawals of more than ₦250,000. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if the system suspects a violation of the regulations, verification can be assigned immediately after registration. In this case, withdrawal of funds before confirmation is impossible.

Do you need an ID to bet?

It is not necessary to have an ID. You must have any government-issued document that proves your identity, such as a driver’s license.
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