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How to Play 1xBet Online in Nigeria

How to Play 1xBet Online in Nigeria


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publication - Sep 10, 2023

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1xBet is a company that has been successfully leading in the Nigerian sports betting culture for more than ten years, and that’s not without reason. The sportsbook is appreciated for being an incredibly user-friendly platform, with a large array of sports, events, promotions, bonuses, and a multitude of betting features continuing to amaze Nigerian bettors over and over. It is a well-known fact that the online sports wagering industry has seen major growth during the past few years due not only to the emergence of new technologies but also to Nigerian bettors’ love for sports. 1xBet has won the hearts of local gamblers for providing the services every sports enthusiast adores. Besides being a very reputed company in the country, 1xBet is also one of the most important sports betting organizations worldwide, with more than 400,000 members all over the globe. In today’s site review, we will explore the platform’s features and discover its betting process in detail.

How to Bet: Instruction

1xBet How to Bet: Instruction

Let’s begin with the most important and valuable part. It is not always easy to begin placing bets on a new platform as a newcomer; in fact, this process may seem very difficult at first sight and lead to confusion. That’s why it is crucial to first familiarize yourself with the platform, its functions, and all of the details that may look challenging to correctly profit from the site’s benefits. In order to help our readers with starting off on 1xBet, we developed a guide which will permit you not to get lost and begin your betting journey with ease.

Create an Account

Obviously, the most crucial part of beginning to bet on the platform is creating a personal account. Members lacking a personal profile cannot invest funds, place bets, or profit from other intriguing 1xBet features. Besides, this procedure is very important to confirm your identity; since the company is actively fighting suspicious activity and dangerous behavior on the platform, it is necessary to prove your identity by completing the procedure. Don’t worry; this step is not very harsh but requires time and concentration.

Be careful and double-check any information you provide; it should be accurate and match your real information. Otherwise, the company will take the necessary measures and restrict you from the site.


After having successfully completed the registration procedure, you are now in possession of an official 1xBet account, which will permit you to navigate the site and participate in betting freely. Then it will be necessary for you to invest your first funds on the platform. Without doing so, you will not have the possibility to stake money on your favorite sports and take part in other interesting games. To do so, simply open your account and tap on “DEPOSIT.”

Begin to Bet

Now when you have invested your funds, you may begin to bet. This is surely the most exciting part of the process! But be careful to always keep your head cool and make wise choices. Navigate to the main page of the site, and let’s look at the steps to take together.

  1. Pick a Sport

While navigating on the main page, you will notice a wide sports collection. It’s the tab where you can pick the sport attracting you the most and place a bet on it. 1xBet managed to incorporate into its sports library an enormous amount of sports that will fascinate nearly every bettor. Since the site doesn’t only propose popular types of sports but also less well-known ones, every member will find the sport enjoyable for them.

  1. Choose an Event

When you have decided on the sport you wish to bet on and are finally ready to move on, then it’s time to pick an event from the list. You have the possibility to choose the event you’re interested in, so feel free to spend some time on your decision and think it through. The company provides a wide range of events, including colossal ones like big Soccer matches, so you will surely have no problem picking the one suiting you the most. 

  1. Select a Market

Market selection is, without a doubt, a very important step in bet placement. In a nutshell, a market represents different categories or bet types. There is a large selection of markets offered by 1xBet for every sporting event that members may pick and add to their bet slips in order to enhance their chances of winning. Bettors usually adore selecting markets since it spices up the betting process and offers new possibilities.

  1. Check the Odds

After selecting your markets, you may proceed to the odds selection. This part of the process is crucial since it permits you to calculate and predict the winning chances of a bet. It allows you to determine your success chances and pick the most advantageous options, so don’t skip it and think it through. Before picking any odds, we may recommend carefully considering the choice you are going to make because the outcome will depend solely on your selection.

  1. Load Your Betslip

When all the selections have been made, you may proceed to the concluding part of the procedure. If you are sure of your picks and have double-checked all the selections you have made, including the market and the odds, then you may finally load your bet slip and finalize the operation.  

  1. Enter Amount

When it comes to entering the amount you wish to bet, we advise you to slow down for a minute and take some time to think it over. Don’t rush and think wisely; overspending on a first bet would be upsetting, so keep your head cool and manage your budget wisely. Pick a sum that seems neutral to you and ensure it doesn’t jeopardize your finances. After finally making up your mind, you may enter this amount in your bet slip and follow the last step of our guide.

  1. Suggest Your Betslip

We’ve got to the final step of the betting guide. Double-check for the last time all your selections and the amount you have entered; be careful and don’t hurry. If you are sure of your decisions, you can finally suggest your bet and wait for the outcome. Be sure to verify you have suggested it correctly so that the platform takes it into account. Congrats! You have made your first bet on 1xBet!


Since 1xBet is a very advanced company supporting new technologies, thus it has developed a handy function that permits members to perform the betting procedure in a matter of seconds. This feature is called “One-Click” and allows bettors to bet on their favorite sports and events without having to go through the whole procedure but by simply clicking on the selection of their choice. The customer may place a wager with just one hit after the function is activated and has no need for additional confirmation.


1xBet Advice

Sometimes, it may be difficult to begin on a new platform or in the betting industry in general. Every bettor starting off their experience wishes to obtain some useful advice which will help them and guide them through their first steps. Besides, most beginners tend to rush and lose their minds, wishing to become highly skilled bettors right from the start, but it’s not possible without taking into account some crucial points. Don’t worry; our team of experts has got your back and will help you assemble the puzzle by providing the necessary guidance. Our staff has gathered the most useful information and the best recommendations from experts in the betting world. Before you begin to place your first bets, we recommend you learn more about the 1xBet platform, the betting industry, and sports. Besides, you may also have a look at some helpful tactics and strategies. Let’s check our “Tips and tricks” list.

  • Don’t overspend. Manage your budget and always think your decisions through. Don’t place sums that will jeopardize your finances, and always play wisely. Money games may be risky, so be careful and take your time.
  • Don’t hurry. Betting in a rush has never led anyone to win more. If you don’t take your time and play in a rapid way, you will probably lose most of your bets and spend all of your money. It is strongly discouraged to gamble this way, which is why we advise you to manage your time and take a few minutes to think before placing a bet.
  • Obtain the necessary knowledge. It is quite hard to place bets on sports and teams you know nothing about. That’s why it is essential to inform yourself and do some research before plunging into the betting industry. Look up information about sports betting, and you will notice that there are tons of articles and valuable pieces of data.


1xBet Bonuses

Promotional offers are without doubt the most exciting part of sports betting, and 1xBet has taken it into account since it has made its bonus array immense. Members of the platform may profit from the largest selection of promotional offers on the whole Nigerian market, and all of them are very exciting and interesting. However, the most adored one is undoubtedly the “Welcome Bonus,” since it grants newcomers the possibility to obtain up to 300% from their first deposit. Here is a list of some of the bonus offers accessible at the moment.

  • Accumulator Of The Day
  • Lucky Friday
  • TOP UP & WIN 
  • Lucky Spring
  • Champions League 


1xBet Conclusion

After exploring the 1xBet platform and discovering the betting process, we were impressed by how the company made this operation clear, easy, and rapid for its customers. The overall impression of the site is very positive since it is designed in a very appealing way and is convenient to navigate. We didn’t have any problem finding the information and features we were looking for, which is really nice. Also, we noticed that the company provides an incredibly wide array of bonuses, which is worthy of respect since we know how much bettors adore promotional offers. In this review, we covered most of the information regarding the betting process on 1xBet; however, if you still hesitate on some points, you may always check the FAQ below.  


How to win money on 1xBet?

Place bets, participate in betting activities, and profit from the platform.

What is the minimum deposit on 1xBet?

It is NGN 100.

What is the code for 1xBet in Nigeria?

There are multiple codes for 1xBet; you may look them up on the official site.

Are there some restrictions?

If you want to learn more about this subject, please check out our article regarding 1xbet rules.

How do beginners use 1xBet?

Simply register on the platform and follow our guide.

Can I cash out on 1xBet?


Can I place bets on virtuals?

You may learn about it in our article about 1xbet virtual sports .
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