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Best Sites With Free Bets in Nigeria

publication - Apr 25, 2022

changed - Feb 24, 2024

Everyone likes free stuff, and so do punters. Having the ability to place a bet without risking losing even a portion of your funds sounds so impressive that one might even doubt if it’s true. No need to worry; some bookmakers offer such a thing. Why would they do so? This way, they can attract new users and make experienced ones stay. The majority of free bets either require something from a user, match their deposit, or offer relatively low stake amounts, so offering something for free won’t bankrupt any bookmaker.

In this article, we will look at the top betting sites that provide free bets in Nigeria, explore different aspects of such offers, and describe their advantages, downsides, and ways to use them.

Betting Sites That Give Free Bets Upon Registration in Nigeria

Betting Sites That Give Free Bets Upon Registration in Nigeria

Several websites offer free bets to their users. There are usually some prerequisites, so let’s take a closer look and learn more about these options and how to access them on various platforms. Unfortunately, there aren’t many services that offer entirely free bets for residents of Nigeria, but let’s take a look at the existing ones.


This is the most frequently visited betting website in the world. Established in 2000, the platform operates internationally, holding various licenses in several countries and supporting many currencies. Bet365 provides all of the features needed to meet the expectations of both demanding and inexperienced punters.

The platform allows users to place free bets. They’re calculated depending on your deposit sum. The bigger it is, the more free bets you get.


Despite being a big established international website that has been on the market for nearly two decades, Betway became accessible in Nigeria only relatively recently, in 2018. It’s worth mentioning that some of its features are not supported in the country. For example, live streaming and some payment methods, but it’s a regular occurrence, and the residents of Nigeria can still enjoy many other features of the platform.

Newly registered users can have their deposits matched up to 100,000 NGN. Then, the sum equal to your deposit will be given to you as free bets. And in case you prefer gambling at the casino more, you can receive free spins instead.


1xBet is among the most commonly used betting websites worldwide. A few years ago, after being in the international spotlight for a long time, the platform acquired a local license in Nigeria and entered the country’s gambling market. Offering an excellent mobile and desktop experience, a sizable selection of sports, and customer care of impressive quality, 1xBet has gained a reputation as a trustworthy platform.

1xBet offers free bets to its users in the form of a unique system where you can collect bonus points and exchange them for various promo codes. Those codes, in turn, can be used to get free bets. There’s an extensive list of them for you to buy. Select one, spend your points, and enjoy the process.

Betting Sites With Free Bets on Registration in Nigeria

Let’s check how these platforms would fare against each other in a direct comparison


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in Nigeria




The chart above demonstrates that all of the platforms have similar features, so going with any of these websites would be a good choice.

The Parameters We Used

The Parameters We Used

To make this list, we used specific criteria the platforms had to meet.

A Free Bet Availability

This should be obvious: to be on the list, the website must provide a completely free bet to its users. It doesn’t matter how exactly the bet should be offered, just the fact itself.


Another obvious criterion: we decided to list only the actively used websites. They also should be reliable and have a reputation so the list won’t include shady resources.

Being Accessible in Nigeria

Our article targets the residents of Nigeria, so the platforms should operate in the country and be accessible to its players. Ideally, the services should also possess local licenses and registration.

What Is a Free Bet?

What Is a Free Bet?

A free bet is a wager you can make without spending any funds. The sportsbooks usually give them away in the form of bonuses. The platforms often provide them only after you add money to your account, making them essentially a type of first deposit bonus or a welcome offer. In other cases, even inactive users can receive it as part of some promotional activity.

There are also so-called “risk-free bets” that shouldn’t be confused with free ones. You must pay with your money for the former, but your losses will be refunded if your stake doesn’t win.

Main Free Bet Types

In the paragraphs below, we will describe the main types of free bets. Some might be familiar to experienced users, but newcomers can find this information helpful.


The most enjoyable kind of free bets, unconditional ones usually don’t have any prerequisites. So you can easily use them right after registration or deposit. The downside is that they typically have incredibly low stake amounts. But this is to be expected and still doesn’t diminish the experience, especially for new users.


As you can guess by their name, these kinds of bets require you to meet some criteria in order to receive them. It can be based on anything: from placing specific bets or calculating the sum of your average stake amount to betting on accumulators.

Some consider risk-free bets to actually be a type of conditional instead of something separate.


These are free bets calculated based on the sum you deposit. They are often provided as a first deposit bonus, matching the sum to a certain amount. This is probably the most common type of free bet.

Pros and Cons of Free Bets

The list of advantages of free bets are pretty long. For starters, they are free. And that’s already a good point. Another thing to consider is that they’re usually low-risk. If your team isn’t winning, you won’t lose any money. Using only the funds given to you by a bookmaker can be beneficial for both new players and professionals.

The cons are minimal. First, there can be some limitations on withdrawing your winnings. Another thing to consider is that the amount you receive after successfully using a free bet doesn’t include your stake. And it’s also important to remember that you usually have to meet specific requirements to receive a free bet if it’s a conditional one.

Why is Betting with Free Bets a Good Idea for Beginners?

Free bets can be a great way to try sports betting without the associated risks. Since the user won’t lose any money even in a failure, a player new to sports betting can test the process. It also allows them to stake on events and odds they otherwise wouldn’t.

How to Claim Free Bets

If the free bet is conditional, then meeting the criteria is needed to place and claim it. These requirements are usually listed on the platforms in the tabs called “Bonuses” or “Promos.” They might be challenging to meet, but more often, they are not since sports betting sites try to attract new users and audiences. The same can be said about deposit-based bets: the rules are usually simple and explained in detail.

If the free bet is unconditional, there are usually no specific requirements to claim it. Remember that, in this case, the stake sum is generally relatively low.

How to Properly Use a Free Bet

There are different approaches to using free bets. All of them can be described as staking on events you usually wouldn’t. Less experienced players can do so without any associated risks and enjoy the winnings in the event of success. The experts use specific tactics.

For example, they can place a free bet on the unlikely outcome while putting their funds into betting on what they think will win. This way, there’s a guarantee that they will get some money regardless of the outcome. This can be an excellent method to cut losses or maximize profits.

Nigerian Betting Sites with Best Welcome Bonus

Nigerian Betting Sites with Best Welcome Bonus

Some sportsbooks offer pretty impressive signup bonuses to their users. With just a few clicks for registration and depositing, you can get a sizable sum that can be used as a free bet.

How Does a Welcome Bonus Work?

A welcome bonus is something that players receive right after joining. Ideally, it doesn’t require anything from the users apart from registering. Many platforms consider a first deposit bonus to be a welcome offer, but the definition isn’t clear.

Most Attractive Bonuses for Nigeria

The platforms we mentioned all have reasonable offers for newcomers. The clear winner would be 1xBet with its massive 150,000 NGN sum. Betway and Bet365 would comfortably take second place with their 100,000 NGN maximum.

Free Football Betting Sites in Nigeria

Free Football Betting Sites in Nigeria

Football is featured on all our listed platforms. That’s to be expected. It’s the most popular game in the world for playing, watching, and betting. So, if you want to place a stake in the game, you can comfortably use any website.



Although sparse, there are some sports betting platforms that provide users with free bets. It is a welcome sign and is genuinely a great thing, not only making punters happy but also boosting the popularity of sports betting in general. We hope that you have found this article informative and will now take advantage of the free bet systems we have listed.


How to get free betting money?

That depends entirely on the platform, some would have specific requirements, and others will give one to new users or frequent players for nearly no reason.

Can you win money on free bets?

Yes, free bets work like any other, with the only difference being that you don’t lose money. The stake sum isn’t included in your winnings in this case.

What betting sites give free bets without deposit?

Offering free bets without meeting conditions and placing deposits is a rare option. It’s not offered at any websites mentioned in the article, but you can still find such a feature on small, relatively unknown platforms.

Which app can I use to bet for free?

Offering free bets without meeting conditions and placing deposits is a rare option. It’s not offered at any websites mentioned in the article, but you can still find such a feature on small, relatively unknown platforms.

Does Sportybet give a free bet?

No, the platform doesn’t provide this kind of bonus.

Does 1xBet give free bets?

Yes, there’s a little “store” where you can exchange your bonus points for free bets.

Does 1xBet give free bets?

Yes, there’s a little “store” where you can exchange your bonus points for free bets.

Where can I find more information on betting websites?

Apart from various online reviews, you can check Telegram betting channels and read our article on the matter. Such media can become a great source of nearly limitless betting information. So they’re worth taking a look at.
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