Bet9ja Codes and Meanings

Bet9ja Codes and Meanings


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When you start betting for the first time, learning all the betting options, types of bets, and betting codes can be overwhelming. Playing at Bet9ja requires not only some skill in understanding and calculating odds but also how these odds are formed. On the following page, we will explain in detail the characteristics of the betting environment at Bet9ja, considering betting markets, odds codes, types of bets, what it means to bet on OV 0.5 or handicap, and what essential codes you need to know.

In general, Bet9ja is a solid bookmaker with thousands of matches per month and dozens of different sports to choose from. You can read about Bet9ja reviews on our other pages. Football fans can benefit from various games from the European leagues, Premier League, or Champion Leagues, while basketball players can place a lucky bet on NBA, Euroleague, and others. As a result, these codes that we’re going to talk about will help you significantly increase your chances of winning and learn how to bet on Bet9ja online.

Bet9ja Market Types

Bet9ja Market Types

This bookie features an extensive sportsbook with tons of matches and a variety of betting markets. Before we dive into the description of each market and code, make sure you understand your own purpose for betting. If you really want to maximize your winnings and avoid any mistakes, you must definitely learn the differences between codes. However, if you just want to bet on the simple outcome when Team A wins and Team B loses, just learn a few markets, and it would be enough. Match Results Explained

Match Results Explained

Bet9ja Match Results Explained

The first category of the most common markets is 1×2, where you only have to choose between three outcomes, which are a home team win, an away team winning, or a draw happens. You have to choose between these three outcomes and place a bet. There are also double chance models, which are more suitable for beginners, as you have a higher chance of winning. Let’s take a closer look at them.


As mentioned above, picking the double chance means that you are betting on two outcomes of the game, and if one of them is correct, you win the entire bet. In the case of 1xDC, you win if the home team wins or draws. You only lose if the away team wins.


This code refers to the same mechanism where you bet on two outcomes at the same time, including a win by one team and a draw. But you only win if the away team wins. If the home team wins, you lose the bet.


In this bet type, you win if the home or away team wins. The only result that causes a loss is a draw. Usually, this market has the lowest odds because the chances of hitting a draw are extremely low.

Scoring Codes Explained

Bet9ja Scoring Codes Explained

Then we move on to the codes that relate to scoring results. Your success will depend on the score of the match. In comparison to the overall match result betting, here you can place bets on the total outcome, will the participants of the game score, which team makes the first score, etc.


This is one of the simplest codes that refer to the scoring code, and the outcome depends on the changes in the score. You win if both teams score at least one point.


It’s where only one of the teams scores a point. In order for you to win, the game needs to end with the score 1:0, 2:0, 3:0, etc., when only one team scores goals, and vice versa.

1H or Handicap 1:0

This code gives an advantage to the home team with a score before the match. However, you only win if the team with the advantage loses the match.

2H or Handicap 0:1

This code gives an advantage to the away team with a score before the game. It’s the opposite of 1H, meaning you only lose if the second team wins the match.

Over/Under Codes Explained

These codes also refer to the score, but predictions are based on guessing the final score using the over or under conditions. Basically, you are predicting whether the final score will be higher or lower than the set number. The bet looks like Over/Under (0.5), and if you guess that the score will be above 1, you win the bet. Also, there may be a prefix of the particular team (home or away) before the OV, so it looks like Home is Over 0.5 or Away Under 2.5.

OV 0.5 and Home/Away

Under these conditions, the punter must guess whether the final score will be greater than 1. It does not matter which team scores. However, if a bet is placed with the prefix Home or Away before OV 0.5, the bet is only valid for that particular team. And only that team has to score one or more.

OV 1.5 and Home/Away

It works similarly to any number after the OV, so 1.5 is an indicator that both teams must exceed. Basically, you win if either, or both teams score 2 or more goals, either combined or individually. However, if there’s a prefix of one of the teams, your bet will only work with that team.

UN 2.5 and Home/Away

This is the opposite of Over, where you are guessing if the final score will be under a certain number of points. In this case, the total number of points must be under 2.5, which means 2:0 0:2 1:0 0:1 1:1. If the bet is Home Under 2.5 or Away Under 2.5, you only have to count the goals scored by the respective team.

First and Second Half Explained

First and Second Half Bet9ja

This condition tells you the time period in which you must win your bet. Usually, there are two halves of 45 minutes each. This bet specifies the period of the first or second half that your bet must win. For example, UN 1.5 in the first half. It means that the total score after the first 45 minutes of the match does not exceed 1 point.


For you to win, the total score of the match after the first half must be 0:0. In other cases, if the score is 1:0, 0:1, 2:0, etc., you will lose the bet.


Any advantage in the score of the home side in the first 45 minutes will bring you a win. Note that the bet is only valid for the first half of the match. It does not matter if the home team or the away team wins the whole game.


This is a bet on the away team to lead at the end of the first half. In other words, the second or away team must score more goals in the first 45 minutes. The final score does not matter.


Absolutely similar options for the second half of the game. You can bet on the home team to lead in the second half, on a draw, or on the away team to lead based on the results of the second 45 minutes. Only goals scored in the second half will be taken into account.

Half-Time Codes Explained

The principle is the following: you must predict the result based on the first or second half of the game. There are many various types of bets available on these options. For example, you may initiate the bet of Over/Under (score) in the first or second half of the match.

OV0.5 HT

This code refers to the number of goals that must be over 0.5 by the end of the first half. It’s combined bets with OV/UN and HT. You can exact multiple variations of that.

UN0.5 HT

Basically, the only outcome that brings you a win is a draw at the end of the first half of the game. In fact, it can be any number 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, and others. They also have different odds.

OV0.5 2HT

Your bet stands only if the number of goals scored in the second half is 1 or more. In other words, if either team scores in the second 45 minutes, you win.

Goal Amount Codes Explained

Goal Amount Codes Explained Bet9ja

Here you must predict the total score of the whole game, but there are some variations also.

1-2 Goals

Here you set that the final score of the game will be between 1 and 2 goals. Basically, the only variants that suit you are 0:1, 1:0, 2:0, 0:2, and 1:1. All these scores have a total number of points between 1 and 2.

1-3 Goals

A player who picks such a game expects to see 1, 2, or 3 goals combined. The maximum number of goals is three, while the minimum is one. In general, there are other variations of such codes, including 2-4, 1-4, 3-5, and others.

Half-Time More Goals

You pick the half in which the teams score the most points. If you pick the first half, but the team scored more points in the second half, you lose the bet.

Second Half Time More Goals

The opposite of the previous code, but here you pick the second half of the game to be the richest in goals. If teams score more goals in the first half, you lose the bet.

GG/NG HT/ST Betting Codes Explained

GG codes refer to the outcomes under which at least one team scores during the game. At the same time, NG refers to the outcomes under which no team scores during the game. And the HT/ST specifies the period of time under which the code must reach.


A player wins the bet as long as both teams score at least once during the first half of the game. If no team or only one team scores in the first 45 minutes, you automatically lose.


The opposite option means that only one team can score in the first half. If both teams score in the first half, you lose. The result of the whole game does not affect your bet


A player wins if both teams score during the second half of the game.


You win the bet only when one of the teams’ scores during the second half. If both teams score, you, unfortunately, lose the bet.

Odd and Even Codes Explained

Bet9ja Odd and Even Codes Explained

This is a fun and complex code that requires you to bet not on the total result and not on the number of scores but on if the result will be odd or even after the game.


You have to predict the final score of the whole game and the number of points. Odds refers to 1,3,5,7, etc., and if the sum of the points of both teams is equal to the odds number, you win the bet.


If you choose this code, you expect the game to have an even result. Even refers to 2,4,6,8, etc., and if the sum of the points of both teams equals the even number, you win.


These codes can also be applied to a specific half of the game. You choose the ODD HT or ODD ST and expect to win if the sum of the points of the two teams equals the ODD number at the end of the first or second half.


In this case, you choose the EVEN result at the end of the first half of the game or at the end of the second half of the game. Note that only the sum of the scores of the two teams is counted.

Bet9ja Betting T&C’s

Bet9ja Betting T&C’s

Betting is easy and safe as long as you learn the terms and conditions, analyze the rules set by the bookmaker, and learn the regulations. Once you master the betting T&C, you will be able to enjoy betting on your favorite teams.

  • When betting for real money, you are required to follow the maximum and minimum allowed stakes. At Bet9ja, the minimum stake is 100 NGN, while the maximum cannot exceed 10,000,000,000 NGN per 24 hours. However, you can only withdraw 1,000,000 NGN per day.
  • All betting codes are available for all football leagues, including Premier League, Champions League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and others.
  • The maximum win per bet is 40,000,000. And you can only exceed it by selecting many selections at once.
  • You’re required to be over 18 years old. Otherwise, you won’t be able to request a withdrawal and have a risk of getting banned.
  • You are restricted to placing bets having connections with teams and matches, being trainers or coaches, or existing players.
  • All bets are processed in Nigerian Naira only.

Bet9ja General Rules of Sports Betting

Bet9ja General Rules of Sports Betting

Before you start betting on your favorite sports, clubs, or leagues, it’s recommended that you learn the betting rules and get to know the popular sports and their betting options. To start your journey, you need to have a valid and verified account. To do this, visit the official website, click on the “Register” button, and fill in your personal information in the pop-up window. Don’t forget to select your preferred currency for depositing and verify your email and phone number. Once you’ve created your first account, you’ll be presented with a decent sportsbook with all the current games. Just find the game you want, browse through the available betting markets, and choose the one with favorable odds and understandable options.

Sometimes, you have to deal with postponed matches on Bet9ja. But there’s nothing to worry about. All the bets remain valid for the next day within 24 hours. After that time, the bet will be canceled, and the money will be returned back. Conclusion


Now you know more about betting codes and what they mean. With this information in mind, you can approach betting more carefully and increase your chances of winning. You can also analyze if the current odds are relevant and appropriate or if they are overestimated. Keep the meaning of the codes fresh in your mind, and you’ll be one step closer to becoming a betting expert.


What is the code for over 2.5 in Bet9ja?

The result of the match must be 3 or more goals scored by two teams combined for you to win. You place a bet on the total number of goals over 2.5, i.e., 3, 4, 5, 6, and more.

What is the correct code for Bet9Ja?

All codes are interesting to bet on. Just pick the preferred one and win some cash.

How do I predict and win on Bet9ja?

Analyze the scoreboard, read sports news, and learn how the odds work by always remembering that you can’t win every time.

How to use Bet9ja free bet code?

Enter the code in the special field on the registration tab.

Who won the highest money in Bet9ja?

The biggest winner hit 43,000,000 NGN, betting on sports.
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