How to Deposit to Bet9ja in Nigeria

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  • How to Recharge Bet9ja Account Online
  • How Can I Fund My Bet9ja Account in a Bank Office
  • ATM Deposit
  • Replenishing Your Bet9ja Account Through the Mobile
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Non-recommended Methods of Depositing to the Bookmaker
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Bet9ja Minimum and Maximum Deposit
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ
  • Bet9ja is a well-known sports betting company in Nigeria. But, to start betting there and possibly winning, you need to fund your account first. Various methods, such as bank transfers, mobile codes, payment networks, and even in-person at a branch, are accessible for you to choose from. In this article, we’ll talk about the ways you may use to fund your account. Whether you prefer a more traditional banking method or an online payment platform, consider a solution that satisfies your interests.

    How to Recharge Bet9ja Account Online

    How to Recharge Bet9ja Account Online

    Depositing funds on Bet9ja is a simple procedure. There are several methods, including USSD codes, payment systems, and bank transfers. Whether you prefer using payment services, or USSD codes, there is unquestionably a solution that meets your needs.


    Bet9Ja does not currently offer e-wallet payment options for depositing funds into your account. This means users cannot use popular e-wallet services like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller to add money to their Bet9Ja account. Instead, users must use one of the other accepted deposit methods, such as bank transfer, USSD codes, or debit/credit card payment. It is important to note that while e-wallet options are not present, Bet9Ja may add them in the future.

    Payment Systems

    One more method of funding is via payment services such as Paystack or Flutterwave. Fill in your Bet9ja login details, tap “Deposit,” and pick your desired payment option. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.

    Via USSD

    You can use USSD codes if you prefer a more conventional banking approach. These USSD codes exist for the following list of Nigerian banks

    • UBA
    • Fidelity
    • Zenith
    • Heritage

    ❗ You may use this approach to deposit money by simply dialing the USSD number for your bank. This section has outlined the various online payment options available for funding your Bet9ja account, and in further sections, we’ll glance at all of the mentioned banks one by one.

    USSD Code Zenith Bank

    1. Dial *966*6*2389# on your phone.
    2. Enter your Bet9ja user ID.
    3. Specify the deposit amount.
    4. Check the account information and approve the transaction.
    5. Done!

    USSD Code UBA

    1. Enter the USSD code *919*22*User ID# on your phone.
    2. Enter your UBA Magic Banking 4-digit pin.
    3. Select an account to pay with (if you have more than one associated account).
    4. Specify your username and convenience fee.
    5. Click “Yes” to continue.
    6. Done!

    USSD Code Heritage

    1. Enter the USSD code *745# on your phone.
    2. Pick Bet9ja and enter your username.
    3. Input the deposit amount.
    4. Enter your Heritage Bank USSD pin.
    5. Click “Send.”

    USSD Code Fidelity Bank

    1. Enter the USSD code *770*000*952+User ID+ Amount# on your phone.
    2. Check the details and carry on.
    3. Specify the deposit sum.
    4. Enter USSD PIN and confirm the deposit.

    Access USSD Code for Bet9ja

    Bet9Ja currently doesn’t allow depositing funds through Access Bank USSD Code. However, there are alternative access options, such as bank transfers, ATM deposits, and mobile application deposits through various payment platforms like Flutterwave and Paystack.

    Bank Transfer

    Among the most common and efficient ways to top up a Bet9ja account is through bank transfers. Several of the potential methods of payment include the use of debit or credit cards such as Paystack and Flutterwave.

    1. Go to Bet9ja.
    2. Sign in to your account.
    3. Go to the “Deposit” section.
    4. Pick your preferred payment system (Paysatck or Flutterwave.)
    5. Provide card information.
    6. Specify the deposit amount.
    7. Confirm the transaction.

    When it comes to funding your Bet9ja account, there are several possibilities to suit your needs. One popular option for Nigerian users is using digital payment systems like Paystack and Flutterwave. Each platform offers a secure, convenient way to add funds to your betting account.


    Paystack is a popular online payment platform in Nigeria, providing a simple and secure way to make payments, including funding your Bet9Ja account. With its easy-to-use interface and robust security measures, Paystack is a trusted option for many Nigerian users. Additionally, using Paystack gives you access to various payment options, including debit/credit card and bank transfer, making it a versatile option for funding your betting account.


    Similarly, Flutterwave is another top choice for many users in Nigeria looking to fund their Bet9Ja account. Flutterwave provides a seamless experience with a user-friendly interface and various payment options, including debit/credit card and bank transfer. It also provides a secure platform for making transactions, helping to ensure that your funds are protected.

    How Can I Fund My Bet9ja Account in a Bank Office

    How Can I Fund My Bet9ja Account in a Bank Office

    Additionally, if you prefer to fund your Bet9Ja account in person, you have the option of doing so at a bank branch. This method is beneficial for those not comfortable with online payment options or those who prefer to handle transactions in person. You will be handed a form by the bank staff to fill out to increase your balance. Your full name, Bet9ja account number, and other details should be provided. Double-check the details you entered to avoid delays brought on by faults. Within a day, funds will arise in your account.

    Unity Bank

    1. Register a deposit at any Unity Bank branch.
    2. Fill out the form with the following details:
      1. UserID.
      2. Name.
      3. Amount.
    3. The bank will promptly fund your Bet9ja Wallet.

    Zenith Bank

    Customers of Zenith Bank have the option of making a deposit into their Bet9ja accounts at any of the bank’s locations. Stop by the bank, ask for a deposit sheet, fill it out, and deposit the money. Within minutes, the deposit will be processed and credited to your Bet9ja account.

    1. Visit any Zenith Bank branch.
    2. Make a transaction to KC Gaming Networks with either Zenith Bank cheque or funds transfer.
    3. Provide the necessary details.
      1. Account Name: KC Gaming Networks.
      2. Account Number: Input your account number..
      3. User ID: Input your User ID on Bet9ja.
      4. Depositor’s name: Provide your legal name.
    • Phone number: Provide your phone number.
    1. Amount: The sum you’d like to deposit.
    2. Cheque No.: Provide your cheque number if you are paying with a cheque.
    1. Provide the deposit slip and either your Zenith cheque or funds transit form to the cashier and ask for the payment to be made to Bet9ja utilizing XPATH.
    2. You will then be given a receipt upon completion. Keep it for reference.

    ATM Deposit

    Bet9ja ATM Deposit

    Another method of funding is ATM. Your ATM card and specific Bet9ja User ID are all you need to top up your account. Once you have these details, proceed as follows when you are at any ATM:

    • Insert a card and enter a PIN.
    • Based on the ATM, pick “Quickteller” or “Pay Bills.”
    • You must select a payment option; depending on the ATM, pick “Pay Merchant” or “Others.”
    • A merchant code will be needed, and it’s 04226901.
    • Your unique Bet9ja UserID, also identified as your Customer Reference number, must be entered.
    • Specify the amount you wish to deposit.
    • Enter the contact info, then click “Proceed.”
    • The success of the payment will be confirmed to you.

    Replenishing Your Bet9ja Account Through the Mobile

    Replenishing Your Bet9ja Account Through the Mobile

    Before discussing replenishing through the mobile, let’s take a quick look at the Bet9ja mobile review. Bet9Ja Mobile is a platform that allows users to access and place bets on various sports events and games from their mobile devices. With a user-friendly interface and secure payment options, users can easily navigate the platform, place bets, and track their winnings from their mobile devices.

    Use the phone to top up your account in a straightforward way. Numerous payment tools and systems now provide this possibility due to the rising popularity of mobile banking. Here are a few well-liked techniques:


    Flutterwave is a commonly used payment option. Download the Flutterwave app, sign up, and connect your Bet9ja account to enjoy this service. Next, choose “Bet9ja” and input the sum assured. Your Bet9ja account will be credited in no time.


    The Paystack smartphone app is a suitable payment option. All you have to do to use this platform is download the Paystack app, sign up, and connect to the Bet9ja account. Select “Bet9ja” after that, then input the deposit amount you like. Your Bet9ja account will get credit very quickly.

    First Bank

    Bet9Ja does not currently offer deposits or withdrawals through First Bank mobile services. But you can still use any other option to top up your account.

    Access Mobile Deposit

    Unfortunately, Bet9ja Firstbank withdrawal and deposit are not available as payment options. However, there are other convenient ways to deposit funds into your Bet9Ja account, such as Flutterwave and Paystack.


    Bet9ja Cryptocurrency

    Unfortunately, depositing money with a cryptocurrency is not possible at Bet9ja. Other online bookies frequently use this option, but Bet9ja still needs to incorporate it. Despite this, Bet9ja provides various trustworthy and safe ways for players to fund their accounts, including bank transfers, mobile banking, and e-wallet alternatives.

    Non-recommended Methods of Depositing to the Bookmaker

    Some procedures for funding deposit accounts are not advised by the company. These techniques may involve transmitting money through unreliable sources, using unsafe websites or platforms (this is because it’s possible that these websites aren’t secure and that your money and personal data might be taken or misused against you), or engaging in dishonest or unlawful means of getting money.

    Another unadvised method is sending money through questionable sources, such as individuals or groups not connected to Bet9ja or any respectable financial institution. Your bank information may also be in danger, which might result in money theft.

    Finally, it is not advisable to fund your Bet9ja account in unethical or illegal ways. This involves using stolen credit card information, accessing someone else’s account, or making profits dishonestly. This isn’t just illegal; it might also lead to serious penalties, including jail time and fines.

    It’s crucial to always fund your Bet9ja account utilizing safe, trustable, and recommended methods. This covers going to a bank or an ATM, using an e-wallet, a payment system, a bank transfer, and mobile apps. This way, you could protect your banking and private details, and the safety of your funds.

    Deposit Bonus

    Bet9ja Deposit Bonus

    Bet9ja provides its customers with a variety of deposit incentives as means of appreciation for putting a fund into their accounts. Free bets, game perks, or other promos are really only a few examples of these incentives. Different perks have various amounts and restrictions for redemption, depending on the agreement.

    To be eligible to receive these advantages, you must carefully review the terms and conditions of each campaign and ensure that you meet the requirements. For instance, certain promotions could only be available to brand-new customers or need a specific minimum deposit.

    Finally, deposit bonuses are a terrific method to boost your betting balance and raise your chances of winning. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions completely and pick a bonus that fits your requirements.

    Bet9ja Minimum and Maximum Deposit

    Bet9ja has determined upper and lower limits on payment amounts for its customers, similar to numerous other bookies. This guarantees that customers may deposit a quantity that satisfies their budget and needs while protecting them from imposing huge deposits that could put them at risk.

    The NGN 100 min deposit amount at Bet9ja is low relative to other bookmakers. However, the max deposit is NGN 10 thousand. This high limit provides users with the ability to deposit large sums of money if required.

    ❗ It’s essential to remember that the min & max deposit may differ based on the payment method selected. For instance, specific payment options may have higher or lower minimum deposit requirements than others.


    To sum up, there are several ways to top up your Bet9ja account, including USSD codes, bank transfers, mobile applications, and a couple more. Each option has advantages and downsides, so it’s important to select the one that best suits your needs. The quick, secure, and simple money deposit method at Bet9ja makes it simple to place bets and cash out significant amounts. Additionally, Bet9ja has an affordable minimum deposit requirement and provides new customers with a deposit bonus, making it available to all new punters. Select the best option, then start playing and winning right now!


    Bet9ja FAQ

    • What is a deposit ID number?

    A deposit ID number is a unique identifier assigned to each deposit made to a Bet9ja account.

    • How many digits is a deposit number?

    The number of digits is 10.

    • Is it possible to transfer funds between Bet9ja’s accounts?

    Check out our guide on how to transfer funds from one Bet9ja account to another.

    • How do you fill out a deposit slip number?

    To fill out a deposit slip number, you must provide the deposit ID number, which can be found in your Bet9ja account.

    • Can I create my own deposit slip?

    No, you cannot create your deposit slip. This can only be done through the Bet9ja platform.

    • How much is the highest win in Bet9ja?

    The highest win is 40 million NGN.

    • Can I edit my bank details?

    Yes, you can. For more information on how to edit my bank details on Bet9ja, you can check out our article.

    • Does Bet9ja refund money?

    Bet9ja has a policy of refunding the money in certain circumstances, such as when a bet is canceled or a payment is made in error. However, it’s important to check their terms and conditions to learn more about refunds.