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22Bet Withdrawal Options

publication - Apr 22, 2024

changed - May 02, 2024

Motivated bettors can ultimately succeed as long as they are willing to put the time and effort into their practice. Developing a solid strategy and staying updated on important sports or casino events are also key elements of a punter’s progress. In the end, knowing how to deal with the incoming winnings will determine your success rate. 

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the main withdrawal steps from Nigeria’s top sportsbook.

22Bet Overview

22Bet Overview

The reputable Nigerian bookmaker knows precisely what each bettor needs. The platform prioritizes quick transactions and transparent features. You can find over 20 various bonuses for new users and regular gamblers. Of course, any sports fan can appreciate the high odds and unique markets the company offers. You can explore the 22Bet features in a more detailed review.

Continue reading this article to learn more about withdrawing your winnings from the bookmaker.

Withdrawal Conditions

22bet Withdrawal Conditions

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the basic requirements before requesting a payout. This step is essential in fostering a transparent and safe environment for the business and its users. Check the maximum and minimum sums that can be withdrawn to avoid delays or issues within the system. 

Minimum Amount 

The minimum payout amount may vary depending on the payment system chosen. However, the minimum set on 22Bet is 550 NGN. Users must be aware that the payout will take a specific time to be processed, even if the minimum is being withdrawn.

Maximum Amount

The maximum payout amount is not specified for payment systems on the 22Bet platform. Bettors are free to transfer any winnings above the minimum amount to their bank account. 

Maximum Daily Amount 

The maximum daily amount is not solidified in the company’s policy. This means you can withdraw as many funds as necessary if you abide by the company’s transaction rules and regulations. However, be aware of any potential delays in cases of large sums.


22bet Withdrawal Methods

22Bet emphasizes that users can only withdraw winnings through the same payment system they used during their deposit. While referring to various deposit methods, bettors must maintain the same proportions for each mode. The platform reserves the right to delay or refuse any transactions in case of non-compliance with the sportsbook’s terms and conditions.  

Internet Banking

The payment system involves an online bank account that allows users to transfer their funds on their devices. The mode of withdrawal includes quick transactions requiring a stable internet connection. 22Bet systems include:

MethodMinimum Withdrawal Sum
VFD Microfinance Bank550 NGN
Rubies MFB550 NGN
Polaris Bank550 NGN
Kudas Bank550 NGN
Globus Bank550 NGN
FSDH Merchant Bank550 NGN
Flutterwave Bank Transfer550 NGN

Ultimately, gamblers benefit from instant payouts with minimal limitations.

Bank Transfer

The transaction mode involves directly transferring winnings from their betting account onto their bank account. This type of exchange is preferred by users for its convenience and reliability since you will be dealing with trustworthy banks.

22Bet offers the withdrawal mode in over 20 systems. The most popular ones are widely used by Nigerian bettors:

Enterprise Bank, Mainstreet Bank, Zenith Bank, Unity Bank, Union Bank, and more!

You can find all the available options on the official 22Bet website.

In-App Payout 

The sportsbook ensures punters’ convenience through an app accessible to both iOS and Android users. As with any transaction, the software registers the withdrawal sum and ensures compliance with the company’s policy. The payout method is generally preferred by bettors who enjoy the thrills of an intense but rewarding game.

In-App Payout Guide

For a quick and secure withdrawal, follow the few simple steps below.

  • Open the App

    Open the app to its main page.

  • Click “Withdraw”

    You will find the option in your account settings under “Account management.”

  • Select a Method

    The Internet banking and bank transfer options will all be displayed. Choose the method you used to deposit your own funds initially.

  • Receive your Winnings!

    Fill out the necessary information:

    -Withdrawal sum (min. 550 NGN)
    -Account number
    -Your personal information details (name and surname)

    Wait for a confirmation code, and voilà! You will see the billing information in your transaction history. Commissi

Commission Fee

22bet Commission Fee Withdrawal

The banking systems do not charge additional fees for the payout transaction between bettors’ bookmaker profile and their bank accounts. Enjoy a generous bonus from the company commission-free!

Transaction Duration

The duration of any transaction depends on the chosen method. Approval time for an e-wallet transfer does not take more than 15 minutes. Another quick method involves cryptocurrency, with a maximum of 24 hours of waiting time. Although credit and debit cards are considered a classic choice, the procedure can take over 7 business days.

How to Check Payout Progress

You can contact customer service directly if your payment takes longer than the required time. An alternative approach includes checking the withdrawal status in the respective section on the website or app. Any unusual process stages will be reflected in the section.

Potential Issues

22bet Potential Issues Withdrawal

While the sportsbook is often praised for its speed and security of transactions, issues may be encountered along the way. Let’s review a few potential problems and learn to resolve them immediately.  

User Issues

Beginners and punters experimenting with new features can sometimes experience difficulties on the platform.

To enjoy a problem-free experience, consider the following points:

  • You can only cancel the withdrawal while the transaction is pending. Contact the support team to make the necessary changes.
  • Use the same payment method as you did for depositing funds.
  • Place bets prior to withdrawing our funds.

Technical Difficulties

In rare cases, the problem is rooted in technical issues of the sportsbook. Whether you are using the desktop or mobile version, keep these notes in mind:

  • The platform may prolong the transaction duration in case of high payout sums. Do not interfere with the system until the process is complete.
  • Send a photo of an ongoing payment issue to customer care in case the problem persists.
  • App lagging can be resolved by reinstalling the software or switching to the website’s mobile version.

Payout Issues

If you are unable to receive your winnings despite the system functioning properly, pay attention to a few factors:

  • Make sure you have stayed within the payment minimum of 550 NGN.
  • For various deposit methods, ensure they match the selected payout systems.
  • Do not use third-party payments for any procedures, as policy violations can freeze your funds.

Customer Support

Most of the problems that arise can be instantly solved with the help of 22Bet’s customer service. The team works 24/7 weekly to aid users in technical or payout issues as quickly as possible. You can reach customer care through several channels:

  • +234 90 7026 3332
  • complaints@22bet.ng
  • security@22bet.ng
  • support@22bet.ng

The service will answer any question or resolve an ongoing issue within hours or a few business days!

Payout Inquiries 

If your withdrawal request takes longer than 7 business days, contact the support team by email or phone. Send the email with a screenshot of the withdrawal request and transaction history attached. It may be essential to add your deposit information separately as well.


The cashout option is an intriguing feature some sportsbooks offer to intensify any game. At the same time, cashing out minimizes loss significantly. 22Bet provides the option for all users online and in the app. You can find the eligible events on the main page and enter the wagering sum. Users can view potential winnings and strategize their next step. Ultimately, the feature is widely appreciated by many for the low-risk and high-win dynamic it guarantees.

Final Words

22bet Final Words

22Bet bettors can appreciate the duality of an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of events to wager on. Over 20 withdrawal methods are available with no limits or commission fees. Follow the guide to fully engage with the amazing features of the top Nigerian bookmaker.


Why can’t I withdraw from my 22Bet account?

Check to ensure you have exceeded the minimum payout limit (550 NGN) and selected the same method as you did for the deposit.

Can I withdraw free bet money?

No. The bonus cannot be withdrawn directly and requires wagering to receive the ultimate cash prize.

How long does it take to withdraw from 22Bet in Nigeria?

It takes around 15 minutes for e-wallet transfers, up to 24 hours for cryptocurrency, and up to 7 business days for bank card transactions.

Does 22Bet accept Bitcoin?

Yes. The platform accepts cryptocurrency for deposit.

Can I withdraw from 22bet without verification?

The process is not mandatory for all payment systems. The system will display a field for transactions that require verification. You can contact the support team for additional identity confirmation.
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