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How to Be an Active User on SportyBet?

How to Be an Active User on SportyBet?


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publication - Jul 07, 2024

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SportyBet is one of the most popular platforms for convenient sports betting. It offers its users many options, such as casino games, a massive number of sporting championships and tournaments, convenient payment options, live betting regimes, functional apps, instant virtuals, and many more.

Our professional editorial team created this article to help you have a bigger picture of the opportunities SportyBet offers its users. We will discuss the rules of the platform, its bet limits, account management, and some major requirements a user must abide by.

If you wish to know more about the platform and all its tools and options, reading our article about SportyBet Nigeria will help you do that. Click on the link to find more.

Rules and Basics of Betting on SportyBet

Rules and Basics of Betting on SportyBet

Every platform has its rules and regulations, and every bettor must follow them if he or she wishes to join it. First of all, some of the rules serve to prevent the loss of license and money laundering. Therefore, punters who want to join SportyBet must be 18 years old or older and be capable of submitting correct and accurate information about themselves.

And there are more vital rules that concern the types of bets, markets, and odds provided by the bookmaker. So, in the following part of the review, we will explain more about the limits and options you have while betting.

Review of Bet Types Available on SportyBet

The number of bet options is one of the things that is vital when you are a beginner and a professional bettor. The platform allows its registered users to build three types of bets: singles, multiples, and systems. It is basically what many punters like to create.

Singles are the basics, and they suit newbies to practice until they wish to switch to more complicated wagering. Professionals will be happy to make system stakes that can deliver more profit and fun.

Odds and Winnings

SportyBet is not an ideal platform if we talk about the odds it offers. As a rule, it has some high offers for top and major sporting events. Punters need to understand more about the commissions and other aspects of how this bookmaker forms these odds.

One of the greatest perks of SportyBet is that it provides several odds variants for its users. Punters can freely choose anything they like in order to reach the biggest odds.

Therefore, in total, punters have relatively competitive coefficients even if we compare SportyBet offers with those of other bookmakers. Thus, we definitely recommend our readers to try their luck here.

Terms of Use of SportyBet in Nigeria

Terms of Use of SportyBet in Nigeria

In this part of our observation, we will tell you more about the terms of use of the platform and uncover a bit of information about some vital options for managing your account. This vital information will help you to know more about your options and easily adjust your data.

How to Check Your ID 

One of the major requests asked by the users is where they can find their ID number. So, where can I find my SportyBet user ID? Do not worry; it is displayed in the upper right corner or in your profile.

However, if we are talking about the IDs of your bets, they can be retrieved from your bet history. This section is located on your profile and is always available because every ticket you confirm receives a 6-digit ID number.

How to Change Your Name and Number on SportyBet

Another vital issue is to have an opportunity to change your user name and mobile number. To do that, you need to enter your profile and go to the account settings. There, you can update any data you like.

How to Activate Your Account on SportyBet

The last important question on our list is how to activate your new account. Punters need to pass the signup process and confirm their contact details. The verification takes a couple of seconds. You should wait for the OTP to indicate it in the corresponding field. After your mobile phone number is confirmed, you can make a deposit and enjoy your betting.

SportyBet Limits in Nigeria

Like any bookmaker that operates under a proven license, SportyBet sets some money and other limits to maintain order and stick to the rules. That is why it is absolutely impossible to make uncontrollable deposits and bets on the platform. Here we will provide you with more requirements of this bookmaker and the limits it has.

Minimum and Maximum Bets: What are the Lowest and Biggest Bets’ Limits

When it comes to bets, the limits can be different. SportyBet is one of those bookmakers that does not have high minimum requirements, so basically, every user can join it and start placing single, multiple, and even system bets with only 10 NGN. It is very convenient for users and allows this bookie to attract more bettors.

However, the maximum limits are also significant. They should be set to prevent any frauds and winnings bigger than expected. SportyBet calculated everything, so it received its percentage. The bookmaker indicates the maximum amount for the bet sum of 6,000,000 NGN. 

Rules that State the Number of Accounts per User

SportyBet sticks to standard policies here. Therefore, when you register with your phone number only one time and are allowed to create only one account per person, if the bookmaker notices that you are cheating and have multiple profiles, you will be blocked without an opportunity to reactivate your account.

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