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SportyBet Codes and Meanings

publication - May 26, 2023

changed - Jan 18, 2024

It’s very easy to get lost in all of the abbreviations and terms used by bookmakers. The more betting options there are, the more difficult it is to understand some of them. This is especially true if you’re a new player.

The aim of our article is to provide explanations and meanings for the codes used by SportyBet. This widely acclaimed Nigeria-based platform has been on the market for over a decade and features a decent selection of sports to wager on and good odds. Moreover, it has various betting options that can meet the needs of experienced punters. It’s easy to get confused by the sheer number of wagering markets, but the platform tries to make it quite clear. Nevertheless, some explanations can be very helpful, so read the text below in order to get a better understanding.

SportyBet Market Types

SportyBet Market Types

As we already stated, SportyBet can impress any punter with its number of wagering options. As always, moneylines are the most commonly used type since it’s very simple to understand and is offered for all sports. It involves predicting the outcome of the game, but we will cover that in-depth in the “Match Results Explained” block.

Other actively used markets include over/under, GG/NG, and handicaps. Let’s talk more about the latter. Handicaps in betting mean when one of the teams (usually a stronger one, but it’s not mandatory) is given a disadvantage by the bookmaker that it has to “overcome” during the game. For example, Home (1:0) means that the home team has an advantage, while Home (0:2) means it has a disadvantage of 2 goals. There’s also an Asian Handicap market, the only difference of which is the lack of the draw option.

There’s also the Double Chance type of bets. It’s sometimes abbreviated as DC, but SportyBet doesn’t highlight this option at all.

Match Results Explained

Sportybet Match Results Explained

This also includes moneylines. It’s when you have to guess the game’s outcome. At SportyBet, this doesn’t cover overtime, but the situation can be different with other bookmakers. It’s also called 1X2, and we will explain what it means, as well as other wagering options that are a bit different.

Home win

Sometimes also known as “1”. This means placing a bet on the team listed first. It’s also called a home team, which in many cases means that the team is playing in their local area, but it’s not always true. It’s also worth remembering that in some countries, it’s the other way around, and the home team gets listed second.


This one is simple: you’re betting that the game will result in a draw.

Away win

Sometimes also used as “2”. In this case, you’re guessing that the game will result in the win of the team that is listed second. On SportyBet and the majority of the platforms, it’s also the away team. But things might be different in some countries, such as the U.S., as we’ve already mentioned.

Draw no bet

Draw No Bet, or DNB, works similarly to moneylines, but with one difference: if the game ends in a draw, the selection is voided, so the funds will be returned. It makes this option a bit safer and more attractive to newcomers.

Scoring Codes Explained

Sportybet Scoring Codes Explained

GG/NG is a popular abbreviation that you can easily meet at the majority of betting websites. It’s related to the scoring results of the game. In the paragraphs below, we will explain what they mean and how they work.


“GG” stands for both teams (or players) scoring during a game. A goal in football, for example.


On the contrary, this means that at least one team has not scored during the whole game. In SportyBet soccer betting, only the main match is included, with no overtime.

Over/Under Codes Explained

Over/under is when you’re trying to predict whether the game’s total score will go beyond a certain number. It’s “Over” when it does, and it’s “Under” when it doesn’t. In some cases, this type of bet doesn’t only cover a total score but can be applied to one team’s results.

Over 0.5

This one covers whether the score will exceed 0.5. In the majority of games, this will mean that it has to be at least 1, but in others, 0.6 will suffice for a win.

Over 1.5

Similarly to the previous one, the score has to be higher than 1.5, meaning at least 2 in the majority of cases. For example, in football, both teams combined have to score at least 2 goals in order for the bet to be a winning one.

Under 0.5

In this case, you’re betting that the game’s total score will not exceed 0.5. In football, this means that no goals will be scored during the game’s main time.

Home and Away Codes Explained

Sportybet Home and Away Codes Explained

We already provided information on what “home” and “away” mean in betting in the “Match Result Explained” section of this article. Now, let’s take a look at some of the wagering options related to these terms that you can encounter while betting at SportyBet.Home Team Over/Under

Home Team Over/Under

This is an over/under wager that is placed on the goals scored by the home team. The “Away Team Over/Under” option works the same way.

Home No Bet

You place a wager on the outcome of the match: either on the away team win or on a draw. If the home team wins, the bet is voided.

Away Team Goals

In this market, you’re trying to predict the exact number of goals scored by the away team.

First and Second Half Explained

Sportybet First and Second Half Explained

If the game is divided into two halves, you will see options for betting on the first or the second halftime. Let’s review some of the markets related to placing bets on either half.

Highest Scoring Half

This bet allows you to predict which half will have the highest score. All of the goals are counted.

Both Halves Over 1.5

This is a simple over/under but in this case, you’re placing your bet on the chance that each half of the game will have a total score exceeding 1.5, so at least 2.

2nd Half 1X2

Here you place a moneyline bet on the outcome of the second half. It will be either the home win, the victory of the away team, or a draw. Everything works just as a regular betting on the outcome.

1st/2nd Half GG/NG

This is a standard GG/NG betting with a twist: you have to predict scoring results for each half separately. The “Yes” will work as the “GG,” while the “No” will stand as an equivalent to the “NG.” Here are the possible options:

  • No/No. This means NG for both halves.
  • Yes/No. GG for the first half and NG for the second one.
  • Yes/Yes. GG for both halves.
  • No/Yes. NG during the first half and GG for the second.

Goal Amount Codes Explained

These codes cover the number of goals that will be scored during the game. It can be a total one or scored by either team. This also includes a prediction of an exact score. Let’s take a look at the options.

Correct Score 0:1

This one stands for the away team winning, with the final score being 0:1.

Goal Range 2-3

Here you’re placing a bet on the total amount of goals scored during the regular time of the match. They can be scored by any team. Only the total number matters. Here it’s 2 or 3. Anything out of this range will mean that the bet is lost.

Goal Range 4-6

Works the same way as the previous point, but the acceptable number of total goals is either 4, 5, or 6. Again, overtime isn’t included.

Odd and Even Codes Explained

After moneylines, this is probably the most simple to understand kind of wager. You’re trying to predict whether the game’s total score will be the odd number or the even one. Nothing else matters. Zero is the even number, so keep that in mind if you think that no goals will be scored.


The number of total goals is an odd one.


The bet is won if the total score is an even number, including zero.

SportyBet Betting T&Cs

SportyBet Betting T&Cs

The platform expects you to provide correct information about yourself, your address, and your finances. The validation procedures involve you sending your ID or a driver’s license, as well as some other papers in rare cases. For example, a utility bill.

You also have to be of legal betting age to play. It’s 18 in Nigeria and the majority of the world. And the same age is mentioned in the platform’s requirements. You are also the one responsible for reporting your winnings for taxation purposes.

SportyBet General Rules of Sports Betting

SportyBet General Rules of Sports Betting

The platform’s rules for betting are quite easy to follow. Moreover, they are clearly outlined on the website. Below, we will take a look at some of them, but we still recommend reading the section on the website fully before you start to play.

The minimum stake amount is just 10 NGN. The maximum possible one is 6,000,000 NGN. The range is definitely wide, meeting the needs of the majority of Nigerian punters, newcomers, and professionals alike.

The bet can be void for various reasons: for example, if the outcome was already known by the time the odds were offered or when there were any technical issues. This right is reserved by the company.


Sportybet Conclusion

SportyBet has many things to offer players, including well-designed mobile apps, a clear UI of the website, a sizable selection of sports, and so on. It also features versatile betting options.

The markets on the platform include moneylines, over/under, handicaps, GG/NG, and predictions related to the results of the first and second halves of the game, among other things. We hope that the explanation provided in this article will be helpful to players new to the platform or sports betting in general. It can also make things more clear to more experienced punters that still tend to get lost in a variety of options and related abbreviations.

If you want to learn more about SportyBet Nigeria, we can offer several articles covering every aspect and the main function of the platform. There’s also a general review of the platform that gives an overview of all the important features.


Is there an app?

Yes. The SportyBet app is offered for iOS and Android users. The latter can get it by downloading the APK file directly from the website.

What is the meaning of 1st goal and 1X2 in SportyBet?

The 1st goal means betting on the team that will score it during the game. The 1X2 wagering is also called moneylines. It involves predicting the outcome of the game: either the home team winning, an away one, or a draw.

Is it difficult to join the platform?

No, SportyBet registration process is very straightforward. It involves providing your phone number and coming up with a password. Afterward, you will have to confirm the number via One-Time Password. We have a separate article on the sign-up procedure and the related issues.

How do you play SportyBet for beginners?

In order to do so, you have to log in or register if you don’t have an account. After that, simply select the sport of your liking, or an event, find the odds, and click on the odds. We have a separate article that describes how to bet on SportyBet in detail. Check it out.

What is the highest possible win on SportyBet?

The maximum payout on the platform is 50,000,000 NGN.

How can I make money in SportyBet?

You can do so simply by wagering. There are some things that can help you improve your skill but don’t forget that betting has a lot of luck involved. Some tips for getting better include:
  • Getting familiar with the sport.
  • Understanding how betting works in general.
  • Starting with small stakes unless you’re experienced.
  • Never bet more than you can afford to win.
  • Following the professionals.
  • Avoiding gambling addiction.
  • Not getting overly emotional over losses.
  • Analyzing your betting history.
The rules don’t work as a magical button, but if you play while following them, your chances of winning can be greatly improved.

Who is the owner of SportyBet?

The company behind SportyBet is called Sporty Group. The bookmaker was founded by Sudeep Ramnani, who is effectively the SportyBet owner and SEO, in 2013.

How do I fund my account?

If you want to add money to your account, there are several ways to do so. We have an article dedicated to the SportyBet deposit options. Feel free to read it.

How do I receive money from the platform?

This can be done with ease. We have an article covering SportyBet withdrawal methods. Read it in order to learn more about the process and possible issues.

Is there customer support?

Yes, there are several ways to contact SportyBet customer care. Read our article on the matter.
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