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Transfer Money From One SportyBet Account to Another Easily

publication - May 01, 2024

changed - May 07, 2024

If you want to start betting on any platform, you usually wonder about ways to interact with your funds. There are usually three things you can do: deposit, withdraw, or transfer between two accounts. The way the services handle deposit and withdrawal procedures usually differs depending on how big they are and their location. Usually, larger international platforms are the ones that offer plenty of options, but that is not always the case. The option to transfer money between two accounts is rather rare, although not unheard of.

Let’s check out what SportyBet offers for Nigerian punters. This platform is packed with features, so it would be interesting to find out what it can provide for those planning to transfer funds between two accounts or simply add more money to the platform. 

A Quick Overview of SportyBet Deposit Methods

A Quick Overview of SportyBet Deposit Methods

Those expecting the platform to feature a massive list of supported cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, payment systems, and even cash options are going to be disappointed. Unfortunately, SportyBet solely focuses on transferring money via bank accounts. That is the safest and surest approach, and, to be frank, the platform supports a seemingly endless list of banks operating in Nigeria.

If you want to get more precise information on SportyBet deposit methods in Nigeria, we recommend checking our article fully dedicated to that matter. Read and learn more about what exact methods are available and how they work, and even get detailed tutorials.

Introduction to SportyBet Deposit and Transfers

Introduction to SportyBet Deposit and Transfers

Some of the platforms allow punters to transfer money between existing accounts. That is not a very regular practice, but a few of them do. If you keep wondering how to transfer money from one Sportybet account to another, then the answer is simple: you can not. SportyBet is not on the list of such platforms: there are no ways to move funds between two users. So there is no way to send money to your friend on the website. That is to be expected since the ability to transfer money between users is not quite common.

A Brief Overview of the Transfer Process in SportyBet Nigeria

As we already stated, the platform does not provide any way to move the funds between two accounts. And obviously, one person can not create several accounts. 

SportyBet Transfer Methods

Since there is no way to transfer money between two accounts, your main option to move funds is depositing or withdrawing money. So, now, let’s take a look at the deposit methods that SportyBet offers. After all, it is a central aspect of any betting website. Unfortunately, the platform does not offer many payment solutions, but the existing ones are easy to use and so popular that you will not likely experience issues. 

Bank Transfer

You can quickly deposit money from your bank’s account to the platform’s one. 

  • Guarantee Trust Bank
  • United Bank for Africa
  • Sterling Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • First Bank of Nigeria
  • Access Bank
  • WEMA
  • Carbon
  • Citibank
  • Ecobank Nigeria
  • Ekondo Microfinance
  • Fairmoney Microfinance
  • Fidelity Bank
  • First City Monument Bank

As you can see, the list is long and includes all the country’s most important banks and services. Nearly all of them are supported, so you are unlikely to be left out. After all, it is the main method to move money to and from the platform.

E-wallets and Payment Systems

The year is 2024, and technology is constantly moving forward. Modern betting providers try to take advantage of it and support some of the quickest and most accessible ways to transfer funds. Unfortunately, it does not seem that SportyBet Nigeria supports any of these methods. The platform mainly focuses on using bank transfers as a deposit option, which is to be expected due to the method’s reliability.

How to Deposit Money to SportyBet Nigeria

How to Deposit Money to SportyBet Nigeria

Since there is no way to transfer funds between two accounts, let’s provide information on how to add money to your account on the platform. Thankfully, they are quite easy, and the whole process can be completed within a few minutes. Let’s start.

Go to Sporty Bet and Log in

If you are already a SportyBet Nigeria customer, you must visit a website, run the app, and then sign in. Of course, if you are not logged in already. This is easy and only requires entering your credentials.

Find the Deposit Tab

On desktop or mobile, click on your balance button. It will take you to the page where you can select either depositing or withdrawing. Hit the “Deposit” button. It will take you to another page.

Pick the Method

On the new page, you will see available deposit methods, mainly consisting of bank transfers. Pick the bank you are planning to use and proceed to the next step.

Enter the Amount and Confirm

Now, we have reached the final stages. You have to enter the sum you are planning to deposit. Make sure it is within the limits. Then, you can finish the procedure by confirming the transaction.

How to Keep Yourself Safe When Transferring the Money

Some certain rules and recommendations can help you stay more secure when depositing money into the website. Here are some of them:

  • Make sure that you enter the correct financial information. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing your funds.
  • Keep your privacy protected. Ensure that nobody else has access to your account, as well as to your funds.
  • Check out that you are within existing deposit limits. While this will not likely affect your safety, since you will just receive a message, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Make sure you visit the correct website. Phishing is a real issue that affects many online users, bettors included. You have to ensure that you visit sportybet.ng, and not some other website, otherwise, you can risk getting your money and identification information stolen.
  • Go through a verification process. The platform should usually require you to go through it anyway. The process usually involves sending some of your identification documents, like a national ID or a driver’s license. In some cases, proof of residence, such as a utility bill, bank statement, and similar papers, might be required.
  • Do not go against the rules of the company. While this must be mainly obvious, it still seems to be important to mention: do not break any rules of SportyBet. All of them are easy to follow: provide correct information, do not make a second account, get familiar with the platform’s T&C and follow it. Otherwise, you will get quickly banned.

What is certainly clear is that following these rules is very simple and straightforward. The majority of them just involve using common sense and briefly reading the platform’s Terms & Conditions. 

Tips for Improving Your Experience With Money at SportyBet

If you want your transaction to go as smoothly as possible, there are certain rules to follow. Of course, some of the tips we mentioned in the previous section can help tremendously, but let’s check more specific recommendations. 

  • Ensure that your bank is supported. This should not be this big of a problem, considering the list of banks that the platform works with.
  • Be aware of deposit times. They are usually rather fast and rarely take up more than a day or two.
  • Make sure you are within a deposit or withdrawal limit. There are always the smallest and largest sums that you can transfer into the platform at once. Ensure that you do not go out of these limits.
  • Do not hesitate to contact customer care service if you ever run into issues. The platform features a customer care helpline that you can use if you encounter some problems or have questions.

These tips are clear and are not difficult to use. Follow them, and you are unlikely to have problems with moving money in or out of the platform, even if you can not transfer the funds between two SportyBet accounts.



Moving money to any platform is a process that you have to go through before betting since your money is exactly what you use to bet. In the year 2023, large and international betting websites usually take advantage of an existing variety of payment methods. But this is not always the case. Moreover, some betting websites allow players to exchange funds between each other’s accounts.

Unfortunately, SportyBet is not among them. There is no way to move funds between two accounts of different users. There is nothing shocking about that since not many platforms support such a feature. Speaking of the methods to move funds in and out of your account, there are not many methods either. But the existing ones are pretty good and handled easily; you can use your bank account to move money into your platform’s wallet without any issue. If you want to transfer some funds into the platform, then there is little stopping you if you are a resident of Nigeria.


Which bank does SportyBet use?

SportyBet supports an impressively long list of Nigerian banks. First Bank, Access, Carbon, Wema are just a few worth mentioning. But there are actually many more.

What is the first bank code for SportyBet?

There is no reason to enter the First Bank’s paybill when logging into SportyBet.

How do I fund my SportyBet account with another account?

You can ask your friend to transfer money into your account from their own one. Thankfully, the platform fully supports such a move.

Can someone have two accounts on SportyBet?

No, you can only have one active betting account on the platform. Nothing is surprising about it since all betting platforms quickly ban users who make several accounts: this is one of the most common and strict rules.

How do I bet with multiple accounts?

You can not since the platform does not allow for using multiple accounts. You also cannot transfer money to your friend’s account since the service does not offer such an option.
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