MerryBet Codes and Meanings

MerryBet Codes and Meanings


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Online betting has constantly been evolving, so it’s not surprising that new wagering options appear all the time, and even the traditional ones can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the activity. But even if you’re a seasoned player, some of them can be difficult to understand, especially with all of the codes that exist.

Our article aims to cover and explain various codes and abbreviations used by Merrybet, a widely used Nigeria-based wagering platform that’s been on the market for a decade. The bookmaker offers many things attracting customers: a decent selection of sports, a useful Android app, and various features such as live betting. A variety of versatile wagering markets is another addition to the list, and we will explain how some of them work and decode the abbreviations.

Merrybet Betting Market Types

Merrybet Betting Market Types

The betting markets at the bookmaker are diverse and will satisfy even experienced users with high expectations. Obviously, there are regular moneylines, which are the most common type of bet and involve trying to predict the resulting outcome of the game. Another widely used market is over/unders. We will cover these options in detail in one of the blocks of this article.

Handicaps are another widely offered and actively used betting type. It provides a virtual score advantage to one of the teams, making the game more difficult to win for another, essentially handicapping it, hence the name. The way it works is simple: if there’s “Team name (0:1)”, then the other team has an advantage of 1 goal. It can also be used as “Team name (-0.5)”. In this case, the team is handicapped, and the platform will deduct 0.5 goals from its final score.

Double Chance is another type of bet which is often used for popular matches. This one essentially means betting on two outcomes, and both have to turn out correctly. For example, it can be a mix of an over/under and the correct score. Merrybet doesn’t abbreviate Double Chance betting at all, although other platforms might use the “DC” letters.

Match Results Explained

Merrybet Match Results Explained

Moneylines, which are also called 1X2, are the most widely used wagering market. This option works in a very simple manner: you’re placing a bet on the outcome of the game. There are three possible options. Let’s check them out first and then see additional match outcomes that are not covered by moneyline betting.


This stands for the home team winning or just a team that’s listed first on the majority of the platforms. Thankfully, things are even easier to understand at Merrybet: the names of the teams are already listed.


This one stands for betting that the game will end in a draw.


This one is again represented by the team’s name on the website. But in the name of the betting option, as well as on many other platforms, 2 stands for betting on the team listed second. It’s also often called the away team, but Merrybet doesn’t use such terms.

Draw No Bet

This type of bet is unrelated to moneylines and exists as a separate entity, but we group it together since it also covers outright match results. The main difference is that if there’s a draw, then the bet is void, and you can receive your money back. “Draw No Bet” is sometimes abbreviated as “DNB.”

Any Team to Win

This means that you’re placing a bet on the fact that the game will not be drawn. The main difference from the “DNB” market is that in the case of a draw, your bet is lost instead of being void. Thus you will lose your stake.

Scoring Codes Explained

Merrybet Scoring Codes Explained

Below, we will provide some explanations of the codes and names of the markets related to the teams placing the scores. We cover soccer, but they can be applied to other team games.

Both Teams to Score

The term is also called “GG” or abbreviated as “BTTS,” but Merrybet uses the full name. It’s quite self-explanatory: both of the playing teams have to score at least one goal during the course of the match.

No Goal

On Merrybet, this option means that neither team has scored a goal during the game. Don’t confuse it with the “NG” variant that you can find on other platforms. While the “NG” abbreviation essentially stands for “No goal,” the option also included cases when only one team has scored goals, as opposed to “GG.”

Over/Under Codes Explained

Over/under is one of the most commonly placed types of bets. The reason for its popularity can be found in its overall simplicity: you just have to predict whether the total score of the game will exceed a certain number. It’s called “over” when it does so and “under” when it doesn’t.

Over 0.5

The total score of the game exceeds 0.5. For example, in football, it means one or more. So even if one team scores a goal during the match, this bet is a winner.

Over 1.5

The same principle is applied as in the paragraph before. The number should be higher than 1.5. For example, if the total score is 2, you will win this bet.

Under 0.5

This Merrybet match code is simple: placing this bet on a football match essentially means predicting that no goals will be scored during the game.

Under 2.5

In this case, the game’s total should be 0, 1, or 2 goals in order for the bet to end up winning.

Home and Away Codes Explained

Merrybet Home and Away Codes Explained

As we already mentioned in the “Match Results Explained” block, the “Home” team is whichever is listed first, while the “Away” one is mentioned second. It’s the other way around on American betting websites and some other markets, while most of the world uses the standard order. Merrybet doesn’t use these terms, instead listing the teams’ names in a direct manner.

It’s also worth mentioning that usually, the “Home” team is the one playing at their local place, while the “Away” isn’t. This is the reason for such a name.

First and Second Half Explained

Merrybet First and Second Half Explained

In games divided into two halves, such as football, there are options to place your bets on the results and certain aspects of each. Obviously, such markets differ from one platform to another, and there are things specific to each sport, but let’s look at the football options. Apart from what we will list below, the codes related to either half can be mixed with over/unders, moneylines, draw no bets, as well as other options.

Most Scoring Half

With this bet, you’re trying to predict which half of the game will have more goals scored. The options include 1st, 2nd, or an equal number.


This one works as a double chance betting on the results of the 1st and the whole game. For example, the “Team name/Draw” means that the team will win the first half, but the match will end in a draw.

1st Half – 1st Goal

This Merrybet code is quite simple to understand: it involves predicting which team will score the goal first.

Goal Amount Codes Explained

The codes and market names listed below will cover many things related to the number of goals scored during the game. We will analyze most of the options offered on the platform.

Correct Score

This one stands for betting the exact final number of the score. For example, Correct Score 0:2 will mean that the team listed first will score 0 goals, while the other will place 2.

There’s also the “Other” option which means that you’re betting that the final score won’t be one of those listed on the platform.

Number of Goals

This market covers how many goals will be scored during the game by both or either team during the game. Usually, it’s just an exact number, but there’s also the “5+” option, which means any number over 5.

Exact Goals (Team Name)

This one covers how many goals a certain team will score during the game.

Clean Sheet (Team Name)

In football, it means that the team you’re betting on will win and won’t allow opposing players to score any goals.

Odd and Even Codes Explained

Merrybet Odd and Even Codes Explained

The total sum of the goals or hits placed during the game can be either an even or an odd number. Zero is also considered an even one. The option for betting on this is offered by the majority of bookmakers, including Merrybet.


This simply means that a total score is an odd number.


The sum of all goals and hits scored during the game is an even number, including zero.

Merrybet Betting T&C

Merrybet Betting T&C

As always, there are certain rules that every new player has to follow during and after the registration process.

The most obvious one is being of the legal betting age, which is 18 in Nigeria and most of the world.

You have to provide correct information about yourself. Some verification procedures are in place at the platform but aren’t always strictly enforced. It might ask you to prove your identity by sending either an ID document or a driver’s license. The payouts are also audited for meeting the T&C and legal rules.

You aren’t allowed to have multiple accounts, as there’s the “one per person” rule that you must follow. If the name you provided and the one listed in your documents don’t match, the service reserves the right to suspend or close your account. This is a normal practice that’s used by all betting platforms.

You can’t withdraw the money you just deposited, as this is only applied to your winnings. There might be some additional requirements, so make sure that you’ve read the T&C thoroughly.

Merrybet General Rules of Sports Betting

Merrybet General Rules of Sports Betting

If you want to start placing wagers at Merrybet, there are some terms and rules covering the procedure. The first aspect to think about is that the minimum stake amount is just 50 NGN. The maximum isn’t specified by the platform. The bookmaker allows you to place single and multiple bets, including accumulators and system ones.

You can’t place the same bet more than three times; this is called “rigging” and is considered an attempt to manipulate the system. The sportsbook reserves the right to cancel or reset the bets due to issues and errors. The bookmaker strongly recommends that users inform the support of such issues if they appear.


Merrybet Conclusion

There are many reasons that might motivate a resident of Nigeria to join Merrybet for wagering. The platform offers the cashout feature as well as a nice and intuitive UI of its main website. Its list of sports is pretty sizable, and there are clearly outlined rules, guides, and FAQs.

But in this article, we focused on the sportsbook’s betting options. There are lots of them, and some might be confusing, although the platform does its best in order to provide the info about the markets in a clear manner. We explained the meanings of various codes, provided detailed descriptions, and covered how some of the wagering options work. The article can be helpful to those thinking of joining this platform in case they get confused by some options they haven’t previously seen, as well as for those completely new to betting. Regular players can also learn something new from this text.

If you want to know more about Merrybet Nigeria, we have other articles on the various aspects of the platform, including the general review that gives a clear look at what the bookmaker can offer.


How do I sign up?

The Merrybet registration procedure shouldn’t cause any issues. However, it has a rather long initial stage: you must include a lot of information about yourself, including your phone number, full name and date of birth, address, and the bank you’re using. This might take longer than you’re used to, but it’s still not difficult. We have a separate article that includes a detailed guide and lists possible caveats – feel free to read it.

How do I log in?

Unlike the sign-up process, the procedure of logging into your account on Merrybet platform is quite fast: you just have to input your phone number and password.

Is there an app?

Yes, the Merrybet app is offered for the Android platform. You can download it directly from the website as an APK file. Unfortunately for iPhone users, there’s no dedicated application for iOS, but they can use a feature-packed mobile version of the website that offers the same functions you can find on the desktop version.

How do I book a game on Merrybet?

After selecting the event and odds, you should enter your stake. The next step would involve either clicking the “Place Bet” or “Book-a-Bet” button. Clicking the latter will generate a booking code. If you want to learn more about the betting process on the platform, read our article on how to bet on Merrybet. It also provides coverage on how the booking works on the platform.

Who is the owner of Merrybet?

The company behind the platform is called Merrybet Gold Limited. Its CEO and essentially a Merrybet owner is Opeoluwa Fashakin. The bookmaker was founded and licensed in 2013 in Nigeria.

How long does the Merrybet Bank payout take?

If you’re withdrawing money to your bank account, the transaction should be completed within 24 hours. If you’re using the Instant Payout solution, then you should receive your funds within a few minutes. If either procedure takes longer than we mentioned, you will be free to contact customer care.

What is the maximum winning on Merrybet?

There’s no specified information on the maximum possible winning on the platform.

Can I deposit money into Merrybet?

The Merrybet deposit options are quite rich and versatile. This isn’t surprising, since the platform is established and has been on the market for a decade. We have a separate article covering everything about them in detail, but in short, you can use direct bank transfers, various systems such as PayDirect and WebPay, as well as QuickTeller ATMs in order to move your money to the platform.

Can I withdraw my funds from Merrybet?

Yes, you can use either the direct bank transfer or the Instant Payout system in order to get your winnings. If you want to learn more about the processes, read the detailed guides, and check the possible issues that you might encounter, read our article dedicated to Merrybet withdrawal methods. It’s also worth remembering that you can only receive the money you won, not the funds you deposited to the platform previously.

How do I contact customer support?

If you want to learn more about the ways to communicate with Merrybet customer care, we have an article on the matter.

Are there bonuses?

There aren’t many bonuses, but the bookmaker provides some. Most notably, there’s the cashback option, allowing you to see some returns from your accumulator bets. If you want to learn more about the bonuses and Merrybet terms and conditions, read our article about such promotions.
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